Things That Are Making You Happy

The internet (and the world at large) can be a dark, sad place. On a forum I used to frequent we had a thread for posting things that happened and made you feel happy, a thread for huge and small things which brought a smile to your face. I feel like all communities can benefit from something similar and wanted to try it out here at Waypoint!

Today I got a new bed from a friend and rearranged my apartment, so my bedroom area is cozier than ever and I have a screen to watch movies/play games in a comfortable position instead of from my busted ass couch! Very excited to have this in the hot summer days.


Haven’t been able to play Demon’s Souls or Bloodborne, but I have found some relaxing Let’s Plays.


I saw The Farewell last weekend (it has now expanded to nationwide across the US, so go see it). It’s now my favorite movie of 2019 so far. It’s definitely a sad movie since it’s about a Chinese family coming to terms with their matriarch’s terminal cancer diagnosis. And in China there’s a taboo against telling people they’re dying, so the family essentially is in mourning while keeping up a fiction that everything is alright to the Grandma.

I love that as perverse and almost cruel that concept is in Western opinion, the movie doesn’t ever come down one way or another. I also love that even if it’s in a bad situation it’s a family reunion movie, and aside from some old arguments and cultural divisions, they’re mostly a loving family. And really it’s about a grandma and granddaughter’s love for each other.

It’s the kind of sad movie that I think makes the world better. I didn’t cry because of the sad parts but the parts where people were just good to each other and maybe willing to understand each other more.


I sat for the Bar exam this week and am moving to the DC area next week after three years in a pretty remote and isolating space. I am so exhausted but this time next week I imagine I will still be exhausted but very happy (and also in a place where I actually have a chance to see movies like The Farewell in theaters).


I met one of my best friends in 2012 when he moved back home to Utah, and one month before I moved away. Since then we haven’t lived in the same state, but write letter and emails. We’re both married now, and catch up through some form of written communication every 3 months because we each have our own lives.

They passed through and we were able to go to the movies and catch up. He’s one of those special friends that will be important to me my entire life, but that I’ve hung out with less than 10 time. Idk it’s really sentimental but it makes me happy that friendships like that exist.


I was in a funk last week and reading/thinking about repairing relations with a flock of crows cheered me up. It gets even better as crow scientists weigh in.


My girlfriend returned home from a month in the States and we’re about to eat some Chinese food and watch a horror movie with a 30% Rotten Tomatoes rating (AKA the best sorta horror movie).


I saw Hobbes and Shaw on Friday and it is a glorious piece of cheese. One of the first dialogue exchanges of the movie:

Spec-ops dude: “Who are you?”

Idris Elba: “Bad guy.”


The extremely wholesome and pure scene in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood where Rick and Cliff watch the premier of the former’s FBI episode and riff on it like only really close friends can. Dicaprio and Pitt have such a good chemistry, I could probably listen to them talk about anything


I recently rewatched Yuri On Ice, which some may remember as the Gay Skating Anime from like two or three years ago. It’s been a deeply happy-making piece of media to revisit. It really did a fantastic job of portraying anxiety with Yuuri and giving complex, meaningful queer romance to my starved heart. It’s a love story much more than a sports anime, and I adore it.

Also the dub is amazing and turns it into a full rom-com and I highly rec it. The sub is free with ads on Crunchyroll and the dub is free with ads on Funimation.


This video.

Always this video.


OK K.O. is doing a crossover ep with Sonic today and I’m in love with its unironic appreciation for the character and its weird, deep cuts to past Sonic shows and games

Sega of America was for a time pushing this narrative of being “in on the joke” for how bad Sonic games were. They had this weird tone of almost, like “heh only losers like sonic… AND WE’RE PROUD TO BE LOSERS :smirk:” that I never really clicked with

So to see something like this be so dang earnest and respectful without having to change anything about the way characters look, or act, or whatever, makes me, a 36 year old internet dork who grew up playing Sonic games, happy


Having a screw in my tire did not make me happy, but changing my tire and repairing the puncture myself made me feel accomplished. Like I haven’t lost all my physical abilities


Coming to the realization I don’t need to compare myself to my peers to judge my self worth and that their opinions might not always be valid even if I feel like they are more accomplished than me.

Also this cat


I finally got my final grade back before I graduate with my masters. After weeks of stressing out over whether my project was good enough, if I’d worked hard enough on it… I got it back and I aced it. It’s incredibly validating to know I don’t suck lol. It made me really happy.


I’m working an internship this summer and I like the people I work with a lot (which I’ve heard is rare lol). But sometimes I haven’t been sure what to do and quite often I’ve done stuff wrong. Definitely felt like an imposter at times.

Anyways, a coworker pulled me aside earlier this week and told me (in confidence) that my boss had asked him if he would hire me again during a meeting. He said he appreciated my hustle and told me that he said he would hire me again, and my boss responded with the same. It really meant a ton to me to hear, basically, “good job.” There’s also a ton of pressure on me from my parents to get a job out of school and it meant a lot hearing that somebody wanted me on board. So yeah. That was great.


Today I had my back wheel stolen off my bike for the second time in about three weeks.

Not only did my super rad local bike co-op have the exact tire to fit my weird bike frame that hasn’t been made / built for in 20+ years, they had a slip-n-slide outback where there was an impromptu block party. Sometimes it’s cool to live in a city.


I watched Alita: Battle Angel, Hobbs & Shaw, and Crawl this weekend. Those movies ruled.


I messed up something at work yesterday that my supervisor would have been justified in giving me shit for, but they were understanding and provided some gentle guidance in fixing the issue myself. I wouldn’t say it was unexpected, but I really appreciated it!


I swear if anyone says feral hogs…

But actually I just got Sekiro and those games are somehow so good for my mental health. The familiar grind with a new combat system and traversal is really exciting, and it’s just nice to be in that constant positive-reinforcement progress loop again. Plus they necessitate, and therefore encourage, sobriety, which is good for me right now!