Things That Are Making You Happy

I passed the Bar exam. Second time taking it. So relieved it is over. Laws aren’t real.


I love this post so much.

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I unexpectedly managed to recreate a powerfully nostalgic treat from my youth.


This big warm lump barks at the whole world beyond her house and makes me so frustrated sometimes, but she loves us spectacularly lots, and I’m happy we could adopt her, give her a good home and make her safe.

  1. I moved into a nicer and bigger apartment this weekend

  2. my wonderful partner and I had a really good time setting up the new apt?

  3. There are birds pleasantly chirping outside my new window all day while I work

I hope everyone else is finding things to be happy about! I love this thread


(This will read like a bummer for a bit, bear with me!)

I started dating someone at the end of 2019. We managed to go on a whopping two (2) dates before THE THING happened. Long distance relationships can be super tough, and when there hasn’t even been time to develop one in the first place it should spell almost guaranteed doom, right.

BUT we’ve stayed in near-constant communication and are both extremely looking forward to a third date maybe soon! We’re living in Germany and the Netherlands, respectively, and the situation here has improved enough that we would be allowed to meet at a cafe or something, but we both want to wait just a little more to feel fully comfortable with it.

Oh, also she finally quit her old job (with a pretty toxic boss) and started a new one that she’s excited about, that makes me happy, too :slight_smile:


My wife and I recently moved to an amazing new apartment. The best feature? A family of pigeons moved onto our balcony at around the same time. They’re occasionally nervous, but overall all chill with us, even hanging out in the nest while we water the plants around them and we’ve gotten to see their chicks from egg to weird small dinosaur things.


I have been writing a lot of music recently, which is odd for me. Usually I just add flairs and keep rhythm for other people’s songs. I have been in the background in every band I have ever been in.

I have sent some clips to my friends who have added their respective instruments. We have plans to all get together and make playing music a semi-regular thing again. I could not be happier about it!

Staying at home has really sparked something creative in me that I don’t want to let go of again.


I caught covid at work and have had to spend the past week in isolation. Just this morning I received a lovely care package from my parents!


Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.

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Two of my friends just adopted kittens so my phone is just being sent cute kitten pictures all day :heart_eyes_cat:


Small little tomatoes that grew out in the balcony of my apartment!
They are ready to harvest for tomorrow’s salad. Such a treat!


This came in the mail today. Listening to Transistor now. Gonna play some Pyre in a bit. It’s nice to have a good day.



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this evangelion comic that i think perfectly encapsulates Asuka and Shinji’s relationship:

and this picture of a dude standing on a Nissan Bluebird that i think has immense positive energy:


Cat videos


The long days of the Scottish summer seem to do wonders for my sleep pattern and by extension my mental health.

Also, Pistol Whip is now out on PS4/PSVR. This makes me very happy.

sleep schedule’s been a mess but the fox vids help. along with the formula 1 season as a baby f1 fan.


Agreed on the F1 season being a positive! It’s my first time following a season all the way through, and while it’s certainly a unique schedule it’s been unbelievably nice to just have something to look forward to watching on every Sunday & discuss with people that night.

I had some Not Happy things happen recently, but the rainy season has officially ended in Japan so I’ve started biking again!