Things That Are Making You Happy

I just discovered this sweet old lady who loves JRPGs, her poodle, and has a very nice collection of Vita enamel pins


For work I have to regularly go to use a service/website that involves the word “docket.” Given that it is a regular part of my job, I would have thought my browser would autocomplete at this point when I type “dock” but it does not. As such, I often find myself looking at the Google search results for “dock” and, honestly, taking a minute or two every time this happens to look at a few photographs of docks is turning into quite the soothing exercise.


Code that I’ve been dreading writing for months I apparently already wrote at the end of May. I don’t remember writing it, but it looks like code I would write. I’m both relieved and utterly baffled.


Mario out here FLEXIN on us.


I got a hammock a couple of months ago and hung it up between the posts on my front porch. It’s mostly shaded much of the day, and it makes me relaxed and content to hunker down in it, read, journal, and watch the bird feeder. Hammock: highly recommended.


I haven’t been playing games outside of Smash with my brother and Animal Crossing with my wife, and I was feeling really down about. However, some things recently have made me happy!

My wife and I were finally able to get an appointment to finish the last step in our visa process, so we can go to a different country for her master’s degree! We had been waiting at this step for weeks, and weren’t sure if it was going to happen. We’re really excited, even if the country we’re going to is only marginally better than the US at the moment.

I also started getting into yoyo-ing. It’s been a fun, surprisingly cheap hobby compared to my other ones (fly tying, fly fishing, video games, and raw denim). Yo-yos are also small, so they’ll be easy to pack to take to another country!


We’re moving this month. Basically just taking baby steps now to get ready for the big move at the end.

Anyway, watching a ton of Grand Designs because all these people have it so much worse than me. Over-budget, under-prepared. And like half their homes are hideous monstrosities of concrete.

I’m really loving this episode about a Afghan War Vet who came home missing three limbs building himself a new house for himself that he can actually live in. The house looks like a house too.


Since gyms have started reopening, I’ve been waking up early everyday and doing some swimming. Did 100 25m lengths in just under 50 minutes on Friday. It really refreshes me for the day, that and my homemade museli following it. Porridge oats, pro biotic yoghurt, apple juice, blueberries and/or blackberries and toasted almonds!

Been getting more into cooking in a big way. Last week it was pasta. This week it’s been experimenting with curries, mastering rice and making my own rotti bread. Going to try make my own naan bread soon. The best bread.

Basically, I’m eating way less but cooking alot more. Every week is a new adventure in cooking.

Also got two weeks off from the start of September. I’ve been lucky enough to keep my job for the year, despite redundacies elsewhere at work. It’s been manic and busy but this is the first sizable chunk I’ve had off since December. Don’t know what to do, may drive to the North Coast of Scotland and see what’s there.


I went for a nice long cycle today, and my new saddle made a huge difference in comfort! Afterwards I felt so good I played a bit of Pistol Whip then went for a run. If the swimming pools open up again at some point I may try my hand at triathlon training.

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no work NBA all day


I am a short bike ride from a mostly quiet beach. Remote work means I can ride over there on my break. Today, both Eagles and Harbour Seals made an appearance. It’s been really good to make that a regular part of my routine.


When I turned 20 I realized I was going bald on top. I tried pills, ointments, products and various haircuts to try and keep my hair and hide the fact that I was going bald. It was always the thing I was worried about when I would go out and I was constantly asking friends if it was as bad as I thought it was.

Well after 8 years I got tired of the embarrassment, the worrying, and the same shitty ads telling me that I could save my hair as if it was unnatural and unacceptable to be balding. So two weeks ago I drove to the store bought some clippers and shaved my head and I have never felt better in my life.

Looking in the mirror I feel good about the way I look for the first time in a long time.


Can’t sleep, Gundam Wing.


I remember that morning, thinking about how nice and relaxing the next seven months would be. Was going to travel, take some time to relax, visit friends, the whole 9 yards. Nothing I can do at this point but laugh.


My classes start in about two weeks, so after packing all my things into my car two days ago, I made the 11 hour drive from Philly to Chicago and moved into my new apartment today. I’m laying on my bed in a half-furnished studio surrounded by unopened boxes, and I don’t think I’ve felt more content than this in literal years. I found a building I really like — nice and old but in a sturdy and appealing way — with management that, by all indications, seems about as responsive and good as can be, and my street is nice and quiet and treelined, and I can see the lake from one window and sunsets from the other.

Also, Ed Markey just won his primary. It was a good day.


So after a few tenuous months trying to work around COVID with the US and UK governments, visa application centers, and quite a few roadblocks, my wife and I are officially moving to the UK for her master’s degree. I’m so unbelievably excited to do this, everything has changed from “if we go” to “when we go.”


I’m transforming my tiny under-stairs cupboard into the world’s most claustrophobic office / thinking / reading / meditation space! Me and my housemate share a 1 bed flat (cause we’re disabled and have no money lol), so my bedroom is also the living room and there’s… just no space to think or do creative work. This wouldn’t be such a problem if there wasn’t a pandemic outside, making cafes and libraries are unavailable.

Sooo after months of depression and inaction I’ve decided to try to utilise what space I have and craft a little cocoon. The main challenge is going to be building / commissioning a door that can handle a folding desk on the back… it’s a work in progress but just the idea of having the space to think and work creatively again is making me v happy.


I’m trying to do a similar thing! I live in my parents’ home now, and have a floor of our 2 story house to myself. I’m trying to transform the space from storage, into a creative and warm space for myself, not just my bedroom.

A good space, especially in these times, cannot be undervalued :smiley:


A friend gifted me a license for Game Maker Studio 2, so I’m now a budding indie game developer in training! I had an idea for a game that I’ve very excited for at the start of the week, and kind of jumped right into it. And now… I have a few sprites and some very basic functioniality going! Most of my code has been ripped by searching for specific elements and functions online, alot of online tutorials that don’t yet speak to one another properly.

I never dreamed that I’d have the patience or aptitude to code or even make a game but I’m finding the whole process super absorbing. Creating a kind of logical order to things, out of just an idea. I’ve tried film making in the past, which requires so much in terms of time and resources not to mention blind faith in an idea, but like I said, had an idea for a game on Monday, have a very fragmented skeleton of that game staring back at me on my computer screen today. That’s super satisfying and makes me incredibly happy.

Also just discovered Beep Box and creating some of the music is making me VERY happy.