Things That Are Making You Happy

Joined a union a few days ago. And so far the Midwest has been way better to me than I’d even really hoped. Optimism is hard right now, so holding onto the small things is important.


It has been a time in Oregon for the past few months, and I got to say that Savepoint really lifted my spirits up. Seeing and hearing all the new and old faces was great, and really put me in a good mood now that we’re going into fall and will have another reason that we can’t go enjoy the outdoors.

  1. I am finally returning to living in a big city.
  2. I get to have a burger in a couple days.
  3. I have a place to live.
  4. I have people looking out for me.

I realize these are more like “things I’m grateful for,” but honestly the line between grateful and happy is so small right now because of how topsy-turvy things are.


I managed to do some website coding for my PhD project for the first time and it went surprisingly easily! Felt extremely good.


Welcome to the Midwest! Missourian here! It’s not as bad as most think but not as amazing as I want it to be!

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not much besides the forum at the moment and the savepoint vods. well and the toryumon japan episodes for golden age dragon system in its glorious wackiness


Does “exquisite agony” count as happy? Because “Kids on the Slope” put me so deep in my feelings that it’s going to take a team of expert spelunkers for me to get out, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.


I’m messing around with Breath of the Wild modding. It’s been a fun way to practice gamedev-adjacent stuff without having to look at a blank canvas and imagining how much work it would take to make a game from the ground up, however small.


I recently finished the Dutch course on Duolingo! I’m a native German speaker and fluent in English, so this is probably the easiest possible language for me to learn. So much so that I was actually worried that it’d give me bad expectations about the ease of learning other languages…

I’ve immediately begun another course. It’s best to slowly increase the difficulty curve, so now I’m learning *checks notes* uh, Mandarin.Yeah.

It was a tough start, and (at least for me) Duolingo on its own isn’t a great way to learn this language. I’ve supplemented it with HelloChinese for learning vocabulary/characters in a more structured way, and so far this is working great! I can speak, read and write some simple sentences (using a pinyin software keyboard, let’s forget handwriting for now), which honestly didn’t feel like something I could achieve in just a few weeks.

PS: A fun side-effect is that I can sometimes validate my progress by recognizing parts of Chinese game names when they come up on the @microtrailers Twitter :wink:


Me and my girlfriend realised that we’ve had our cat for a full year now. Just before this time last year, we found him sleeping in the bin of our apartment building’s basement, and he’s been harassing us for food, play and snuggles ever since. You can see him growing up in this video I posted for the day we decided was his one year birthday.


Mock-grumpily complaining about the greedy finches that mob the bird feeder and force me to refill it every day; but not-so-secretly loving every single one of those little chirpers.


As an English speaker, Mandarin is capital H hard. Congrats on getting anywhere (I know enough to be able to say and understand a few simple sentences and after a few months away from it I’ve forgotten what I knew about reading and writing). That took me months to get to, but my inlaws say my pronunciation is good, so that’s something! I didn’t realize Duolingo had added Mandarin: I might have to dive back in.

Serious props!

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I found my old board a few days ago so I have been skating for the first time in about 5 years.

This is all that goes through my head:


I won a monthly Go tournament run by a Go teacher/Twitch streamer I follow. The category was just the beginner level ranks (20-15 kyu) and there was only around 8 people for 4 rounds, so it was a small event. I’ve only been playing seriously starting this year but was feeling a bit low about Go in general last week, so this felt like a nice boost of accomplishment to get me back into playing more frequently.


I love gardening and this makes me happy because gardening is my hobby and I’m obsessed about it. I love it because it keeps me close to nature and give me pleasure. I spent most of my time in my garden, I’ve plants different types of flowers and grow vegetables in my garden. Take care of my garden like cut the extra edges grass of my lawn. It makes me happy to spent my time in the garden and it gives me mental relaxation.


I can’t stop listening to this song, I like it a lot

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Started playing Outer Worlds which feels like Mass Effect meets Bioshock. The fact that I can help one of the crew hook up with an NPC and use actual healthy relationship advice is just chef’s kiss


Just randomly thought IRON REAVER, SOUL STEALER and now remember that Inuyasha was a kickass fucking show: :smiley:

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Do y’all know what makes me happy? Waypoint Radio. I haven’t been listening to podcasts much recently because at the start of COVID I wasn’t driving as much, and then the existential dread of everything that has happened/is happening hit and eventually I fell too far behind to catch up. I had been listening to every episode since The start of 2018, so once I got a few weeks behind I felt really guilty and couldn’t bring myself to listen.

The time to be hard on myself is over! I downloaded 349 and 350, and just hearing to voices of the crew means so much to me. Can’t wait to go back and watch some savepoint. This community rules, the voices at waypoint are intelligent and funny, and I’m glad I’m participating in it again.


This is kind of a weird one, but I just started a new job recently and the feeling of getting paid for my labour is very satisfying. I’m working as a bartender, but this new job is actually busy and I feel like the hours I work and the pay I get is actually reflective of the labour I’m putting in. Part of it is because I’ve been on a government program at my other job that means I get paid basically the same no matter my hours, and that now there’s a concrete relationship between labour and payment that was being obscured before.

I’m a marxist and I know that I’m still being exploited for my surplus value etc. etc., but the fact that there’s just some semblance of order in my work-life is refreshing after 8 months of that not being the case at all.