Things That Are Making You Happy

Larian calling out their playerbase for the average created character in Baldur’s Gate 3 being the most vanilla white dude


Honestly, I am so disappointed by people playing any RPG (D&D or otherwise) and deciding to play vanilla human white male, so yeah. (For all Larian going back and saying it was in fun - it’s also something that many other companies wouldn’t have teased at all.)


Y’all ever just think about cats? They’re great. I’m (very) allergic so I can’t have one but I can scroll through twitter and see pictures and videos of other peoples cats I have to say: cats are great. Big fan of them. Lil fluffy angels. Perfect little creatures.


I walked away from a possible impulse purchase. It wasn’t what I was after, but it was beautiful and very similar to what I was after. And the price was very good. Driving home, I almost turned around. Got home, huge relief. Gonna hold out for what I want.


My mom got very sick last week but it wasn’t COVID, thank goodness, and she should theoretically be on the mend at this point. I just have to laugh because the cause of the problem was severe enough to require surgery but the whole time she was like “Eh, I’m fine, I just need to sleep it off”

UPDATE: Woman who had her entire immediate family extremely concerned for both her short-term and long-term health now says she’ll be “fine by Thursday.” Don’t mess with my mom, folks.


Ya’ll like Lightning Bolt? Lightning Bolt is making me happy.

(might wanna turn down your speakers/headphones first)


Lightning Bolt kicks SO much ass. One of their live videos is one of my favorites I’ve seen:


this is my dog roxy

she is very smart and goofy look at that smile


I recently started using some new-to-me software for programming by voice (Talon) and while it’s a little bit rough around the edges it’s also more flexible than anything I’ve used before. I had been despairing a little bit after my RSI flared up the worst it’s ever been (from writing postcards to voters for shitty centrist Dems), but ironically that’s also what got me to research seriously if there were better options since the last time I looked.

I also found this blog post which contained something I think I really needed to read:

It is easy to respond to anyone who has overcome adversity with one of two reactions: “It can’t be that hard,” or “I could never do that”. Move past both reactions. It is that hard. You can do it.

It’s nice to be hanging out in a Slack with people going through something similar.

On a more frivolous note I also finally tried out some other software for playing games using noise activated commands, and it was easier to set up than I expected. I’ll probably post more about it in my other thread about accessibility hacks, but here’s a quick demo I made last night