Things That Are Making You Happy

I’m a freelancer writer and had one of my best clients drop me in May for what I thought was for good - I’ve been depressed over that while scrambling to make up the income. Just yesterday the client came back to me out of the blue with some new work, so I’m pretty pleased about that!

Otherwise I’m going to see my friend’s teenage son in a production of School of Rock this weekend. It’s his first out-of-school acting gig and I’m excited for him.


I wore my Lightning Bolt t-shirt to a bar last night and two people commented on it which hasn’t happened before!!! Instant new friends


I’ve been running into some walls with my stand-up comedy lately, feeling frustrated with my old material and struggling to make the new jokes work. I finally had a set last week where I relaxed and let my instincts take over and had a good one. It felt great to finally get back into my groove on that front.


A couple of things have synapsed with me over the last year that have contributed to my overall happiness, I think. I think it’s a symptom of getting older, I’m 33 and like everyone else I don’t think the state of the modern world has progressed my happiness in any constructive way. There are a lot of things I don’t have control over (Brexit) but I do have control over my own self.

I find that I am becoming more frugal and deconstructing my usual habits and really questioning what I’ve been getting out of that. I’m not someone who suffers from depression but I guess I have been feeling that life is standing still for me in terms of jobs and social life. I’ve kind of been on autopilot but I feel as if I’m starting to take back more control.

  • I’ve really been sticking to my workout schedule. About 30-40 minutes of swimming in the evening - preceded by - don’t laugh - about an hour on Beat Saber on PlayStation VR. I always used to swim, but beat saber is giving me a pretty thorough aerobics workout on top of that. I’ve noticed that my mood is always better the day after doing exercise. I enjoy swimming because there’s a rythym that requires focus, being in the water kind of cuts you off from everything else, you just got to concentrate. Meanwhile beat saber is kind of like dancing but you’re slicing up boxes with two lightsabers. It’s the EDM Jedi experience I never knew I wanted.
  • I’ve also been eating less and eating healthier. It’s forced me to try food I never really given a chance before. Mainly salads but also paella and healthy rice based dishes.
  • Saying no to stuff. I’m doing a lot better at saving money this year. I’ve been saying no to a lot stuff, like video games and subscription services. Just been cutting out all the faff. I’ve accumulated so much stuff over the years in my rented accomodation and it isn’t making me any happier, it’s just sitting there. Now I almost get a peverse pleasure by saying no to buying stuff. Like I have the money to buy this right now. But I’m not going to. By the end of the month I have money there in my account and it’s growing and ready for a rainy day.
  • Planning trips - Saving money means I get to plan more travelling trips. Last Christmas I went to New York by myself. This year I’m hoping to go to Tokyo. I’ve made lists of all the things I’ve wanted to do, if I save enough money, I can go off and do those things. Including cage diving with Great White Sharks. It’s cool to have something to look forward to. Something to plan towards.
  • Projects - I’m big into films and I’ve always wanted to get into film making. In 2017 I actually wrote and directed a short horror film which I am hoping to release on the wider web at the end of the month after trying to get it played at film festivals. It’s gotten to the point that I cannot watch the film anymore as there is so much I notice that is wrong about it, but I am proud of it. It exists. It is something that I have made. I’m hoping to make more stuff, and have been helping out with sound and other odd jobs with local film makers also making shorts. I do a lot of it in my spare time and it is exhausting but it’s cool to meet new people who also want to make stuff. Generally, being more creative and putting time aside from video games or netflix to actually make something, whether it’s writing, music or film shot on my phone does give me healthy satisfaction.
  • Less Social Media. Twitter will do nothing but channel outrage toward you. Facebook… I’m not too far away from deleting facebook completely, but family and friends still use it to remain connected.

I wanna say, definitely don’t laugh! If a silly routine brings you joy then it’s fine no matter how “silly” it seems unless it’s actually harming anyone else in some way. Very much in the spirit of this thread no-one should feel bad for the Things That Are Making (Them) Happy, it’s all valid.

To highlight that I wanna share a thing @PROGRAM_IX made from a rant Austin did on the podcast, it definitely makes my happy.


After hearing Rob frequently mention Revolutionary Girl Utena during the Eva rewatch podcasts, I decided to find the show. It’s definitely got some issues, but it’s so wonderfully upbeat while still containing elements of darkness that it works as a great palette cleanser after Evangelion.


There’s a new Capitalist Weezing form, that doesn’t make me happy.

What does make me happy is this little hamster Pokémon that turns evil when hungry:


Common misunderstanding, if you take a closer look you can clearly see that it’s a bong.


It even attacks by spitting out it’s hot bong water



Holy shit that is absolutely a bong.

I… I should get back into Pokémon. :wink:


I did it. I moved (!) into a house (!!) with a ton of windows (!!!) near a downtown area (!!!) and I finally found the coffee pot’s box (!!!). I am having homemade coffee in this new place I live in and my baby is having a blast looking out the windows. It is all very neat and I am happy (still very tired). Also, because I now live in a city, I bought a ticket to see Boris in early September and I am very happy about that.


That’s going to be such an amazing show!!! I saw them a few months ago and I’d love to see them again, they’ll be killer :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been trying to find a place to WWOOF for the past couple weeks and it’d been kind of a bummer because everywhere I talked to was all booked for the days I have off, but earlier today someone finally said they could host me! And they have cats!


I am really looking forward to it. I think they were the last show I saw before I left Brooklyn a few years ago. They did a noise set based on a live collaboration they had done with Merzbow… definitely one of my favorite bands to see live (and probably in general)!

The Impossible Whopper was fine, and while I don’t think I’ll ever crave it I’m happy that there’s another veg option while I’m out and about if I need it that’s pretty readily available.

Also shoutout to crumpets.


After years of writing and doing nothing with it, I finally submitted a sample of my poetry to three pretty well-respected journals/magazines and there’s a solid chance at least one of them wants to publish everything I gave them for their Winter issue. Nothing guaranteed yet, but I’m hopeful. If I can get enough stuff published in a handful of magazines, I have a full-length book manuscript ready for submission. Failing that, I can self-publish, but it looks like there is a way forward!


Over the Weekend, i was invited to go watch a MLB game. While i’m not particularly a baseball fan by any means, i realized that I uh haven’t left my state of residence in almost a year. (Mostly just First year employment vacation time throttling bullshit, i literally can’t take that much time off) So I went, and it was really nice to spend two days in a place that wasn’t where i live haha, even if Baseball is only half interesting to me.


I personally have had a loooooott of ups and downs due to lack of luck searching for a new job. But I’ve done a few things to help ensure I’m a little happier while going through this.

I’ve enrolled in guitar lessons after having some luck of self-teaching. It’s been a lot more motivating to see a person every week. And also I finally scheduled my first therapy session for this Friday so I’m hoping it’ll help me feel a little better and help me manage my feelings a bit.


Been in a bad place most of the time lately, but I’ve embarked on a new project to take my mind off things and it’s got me pretty freaking stoked.

That’s a raspberry pi 0 and an Adafruit control hat, with a quarter for size reference. The pi is already configured to boot right into Pico-8. Once I get the control hat configured, I’ll have a tiny portable Pico-8 system that is effectively a plug & play mini console, that I can also use to develop Pico-8 games.


Is there… is there a guide for this somewhere? This is incredibly cool and I think I might want to try and do something similar.

I’m reaching these kids in Fire Emblem


So there’s no guide for this exact project - I don’t really know what I’m doing and will do my best to document this process. The Adafruit control hat came from here, and this picopi project is how I got the pi to boot into pico-8. Are these things compatible? I have no idea! But I will soon find out.

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