Things That Are Making You Happy

I have to say that a brunch burger with a cocktail and some sociability does sound like the kind of thing that would make me happy right now, too.

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Tired: Ice Cream Social
Wired: B U R G E R    S O C I A L


*B U R G I E S O C I A L

(Unclear my butt, BURGIE SOCIAL.)


Chikky nuggies are also welcome at the burgie social


So after two years of applying to a bunch of places and a lot of failure and very close misses, I just got into my dream graduate school program today!

I’ve been walking on air since the morning and I don’t know what to do with myself. So excited to be able to go somewhere new and get back into the habit of writing and learning and ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! It’s just wild how things work out sometimes.


I went to a music show on Saturday and ran into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in a super long time. Don’t know what spirit possessed me but I ended up asking them out on a date. Better yet, they said yes. Hell yeah!

Normally I absolutely WOULD NEVER but I’m trying to switch it up this year. We out here! That’s how we’re rolling in 2020! Let’s gooo! Let’s get it!! * milly rocks *


Good people around me, sun, animals and beautiful views - that’s all that I need to feel good)


Garnett Lee just followed me on Twitter. It’s not that I don’t know that 1UP Yours has aged very poorly in parts. But 1UP Yours, Listen UP, Weekend Confirmed, etc. were all kept me through periods where I didn’t have a whole lot of friends. Not sure where I would be without his shows.


I beat Data Ansem in KH3 in just a half hour, not even ten tries. Considering that every other Data Fight has taken me at least three hours, he was really easy. His final phase turned into a desperate battle for survival but I pulled it off in a photo finish.

6/13 done now.

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Sorry to unearth this post again, but I’ve been working on a project at work for months and it finally went into production today and didn’t break! It’s been hectic, but I’m ecstatic that it’s running and works!


I am trying very hard to focus on the good things in my life because ooooh boy do things in the world at large not seem that good. So, with that in mind, some things that have been making me happy this week:

  • I have two job interviews this week! One of them is for a non-profit intellectual property/internet advocacy organization that I think I could be very genuinely happy to work for. The other would provide a consistent paycheck and health insurance–I need those things! Just feel very grateful and happy to have heard back from places and feel like I have a shot.

  • My child is just shy of fifteen months and is becoming more interested in actively playing with me. Like we sit in his room, throw blocks, tickle each other, stomp our feet, it’s awesome. Yesterday we sat on the couch and ate veggie straws. I loved it.

  • Made plans with some friends I haven’t seen in months to come over for a board game night in a week.




Tomorrow I’m wrapping up a big D&D game campaign and one of my players is moving across the country. I wrote an epilogue for the places my players have visited and got my friend who has a particularly good and deep narrator’s voice to record him reading it. I set it to some sweet music by Magic Sword. Its making me really excited and I think it came out pretty well.

Warning spoilers for my D&D game


The banter in the iMessage thread with all my oldest mates.

Everything is starting to lockdown here in Aus and the lols on iMessage are keeping me sane right now!

In light of our continuing indoor adventures, I decided to buy myself a big project. The big ol’ ~8000 piece LEGO Millennium Falcon.

Do I know where I’m going to put it? No.

Am I excited beyond my ability to comprehend? Heck yeah.


HECK YES. Hope you post progress pics :slight_smile:

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I haven’t been here as much as I feel I should be since everything fucking happened last month, and I feel bad about that. But, I feel mentally I’m starting to turn things around a little bit, I’ve felt much better the last few days and I’m hoping that sticks!

Oh, and as I reread the above posts, I just realized I have a LEGO set I need to build and I might get to that tomorrow!


Update: it shipped.


In terms of productivity finishing the covid related sba paperwork. Personally started an episode by episode review of teen titans on my Twitter feed and early season 1 holds up better than I expected to so that’s been the one thing to actively spark joy recently