Things That Are Making You Happy

Update update: apparently it’ll be here tomorrow.

If there’s interest, I’m willing to post some progress pictures (and if there’s interest, I’d love some mod input on the best way to do so)

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La Roux’s new album makes me pretty dang happy. I kinda can’t stop listening to it.

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No issues with you posting updates to the project as long as pictures don’t contain anything that could reveal your identity.

Though if it were to be a longer project, or if you were interested in documenting more LEGO builds, I’d consider making a dedicated thread for it using the Workshop category.

I’ll make a new thread (and trust me about the “identity” thing - I am legendarily paranoid about that).

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Westworld just paid off a thing I’ve been hoping they’d do all season.

Chekhov’s Giant Modular Robot.

I’ve been taking pictures of flowers that are in bloom around me in order to relax. Here’s some of the favorites.


My wedding invitations arrived yesterday. I’m going to send out them tomorrow, out since my wedding is the weekend before Thanksgiving, a strange travel time. I am pretty surprised that people send invitations so close to the wedding, I feel like I’m going to have to fight myself to not send the formal invites too soon


As trite as it sounds, typing these words on this forum at this particular moment in time is making me feel pretty good.
Isolation has been getting to me slowly but surely, my partner and I have moved back to stay with my parents and apart from the small sense of regression (it has been largely smooth but has brought up some old frictions and patterns of thought on my part) not seeing or interacting with many people has made a dent in my confidence and sense of progress.

I was in a rocky spot before, I’m in my late 20s and have been feeling like my opportunities and social life have been atrophying. The internet has been exacerbating that, and i’ve been craving a new way to engage with it and increase the quality of my interactions. So remembering this forum and the people on it exist is something I feel thankful for :blossom:


I’ve managed to start a new job (in my intended career sector) during the pandemic and also had my hours increased to full time despite working from home 12 hours a week max. Put a lot of money away and getting some more this week so I’m looking good for moving out and not being broke when I do.


I’ve very nearly wrapped up my MA and am planning my move over the summer to begin my doctoral program! I’m incredibly excited to be moving out of the red state I grew up and to the PNW, a part of the country I adore.

It’s such an exciting time, even in the midst of all the strangeness of life right now.


Today I snagged what feels like one of the better deals I’ve gotten in my life:

All of this for a little under $40! Includes a tennis game with the brilliant title “Let’s Smash!” and a game about Shogi


Football being back makes me really happy.

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This turned into a bit of a rant and is exercise/body size focussed so I’m gonna stick it behind a thing. But tldr: Ringfit good and makes me happy.

Fitness/Health/Ringfit stuff

I’ve been doing Ringfit in the morning and the evening every weekday for the past few weeks which in itself has been making me happy as I’ve been getting some exercise and while it’s not like going to make me skinny overnight or anything at least feels like I’m trying to improve myself which makes me happy.

But more specifically, in the morning I do a custom routine I made (really it’s two short routines, one that is yoga and one that is core + legs) and yesterday morning I had the realisation that…it’s easy now. It’s not a big routine, it only burns like 40 calories, takes like 15-20 minutes and it was killing me when I started but now it’s just…easy. And that felt so good and made me so happy to see this clear actual improvement I’ve made over these weeks. It also meant I felt comfortable adding a few more reps of things onto the routine.

In the evenings I’ve just been doing the Adventure mode and that has been something that I’ve been able to play for longer recently too. Overall my daily workout has went from around 100-120 calories burned a day (according to the in-game tracker, which doesn’t take things like heart rate into consideration and so isn’t really that accurate) to 180-230. I’m going to keep it up this week and then next week I think I’m going to start running again too, something I used to enjoy a lot but fell off of as I gained weight and became much less fit (I wasn’t exactly running marathons before!)

If I can come out of lockdown in better shape than I went into it I’ll be really happy. If I lose some weight too? Especially great, I’m not really as hopeful on that though because my diet is still a bit of a mess but seeing these visible improvements is a good morale boost if nothing else.

Another thing, on a simpler level is that I’ve been playing a lot more games online with friends recently. Just things like CoD, The Division 2, Remnant and Splendor. It has really helped fill in some of that social void that the lockdown has caused (or to be more accurate, I lost my job and started a new one right as this all started and as a result went from seeing some of my closest friends every day to never seeing them even before the lockdown started, so it has been great for that.)


Starting a pinterest and watching katbamkapow’s LP of Dragon Age: Inquisition (the chat is also very good).


katbamkapow’s stuff is so great. That was the first twitch channel I ever joined the chat on, just an amazing community. The Silent Hill 2 hallowstream and last summers Devotion play through are all time greats


My younger brother got an Oz Shepherd/Basset cross puppy

His name’s Apollo, he real sleepy


I’m happy just seeing pics of a snuggling puppy. (Big girl puppy at my own feet is snoring, currently.)


Slowly losing my mind during the pandemic so it’s the simple things that make me happy.


I recently fostered this big boy:

[That bump on his paw is fine, btw. The adopters are getting it looked at.]

His name was Jacob Marley.

He was a great big lug of a dog, and I loved every minute I had with him! We had two months together, the two months I was banned ironically enough lol, and he was a ton of fun.

He recently got adopted, and I haven’t cried that much in a long time. It really hit me hard. I loved that boy though, and I treasure the time I had with him. He got along with Fish great too.


I passed the Bar exam. Second time taking it. So relieved it is over. Laws aren’t real.