Things that stopped you from watching someone's streams?

Hey ya’ll. I recently found a streamer that I was really digging because they streamed competitive Total War Warhammer 2 which I really dig.

But after a few of their streams I HAD to stop. It’s not like they did something terrible or whatever it’s just that they would NOT stop referencing Family Guy.


I need to be clear with this that I’m not saying I emailed them and did a “your vocal fry is bad stop” thing. But have ya’ll ever had a seemingly insignificant thing break you on someone’s stuff?

Am I crazy?

I can’t do it.


There’s a streamer I really like, but he has some pretty intentionally obnoxious and absurdly long sub/host/etc notifications so I don’t watch his streams super frequently.

I think not watching someone because they constantly reference family guy is a legit reason. Hell, I would too. Even if they were otherwise really entertaining.

Admittedly, as a non-drinker, I do sometimes find it annoying when folks are just constantly talking about drinking. And I’ve been a Giant Bomb sub for years.


I don’t really watch anyone who doesn’t have an archive of some kind, be it on Twitch or YouTube, because I’ll never make it to watch a whole game live every week/couple of days. I’m unemployed, and I still don’t have the flexibility for that.

But in terms of more petty things, someone’s subscriber/donation noise often makes or breaks if I stick with a streamer. I can deal with bad microphone noises and other audio quality issues, but especially with more popular streamers or during charity streams, if I have to hear like a Whole Ass Sentence every time someone donates $1, I’m out.

Or if it’s just 8x louder than the streamer/game audio. I don’t need to be jump scared by ‘[Macklemore voice] pisssss’ every forty seconds, either.



I definitely almost exclusively watch youtube videos of streams for sure.


I used to love watching some of the GTA V roleplayers on Twitch. But so many of them try to do a Asian, Latinx or black character and it comes off SUUUUPER racist when the majority of them are not those races.


Used to love a streamer by the name of Demolition D. In short, I grew up and matured, he didn’t.


This is honestly the pettiest thing I’ve ever walked away from anything over: the streamer only has a bare white wall behind him, so his audio has tons of echo in it.


I used to watch him too.

Spoiler alert: He hasn’t changed.

Recently a person I follow switched to a new overlay that is way too bright and makes the games he’s playing seem super dark. It also includes the chat as well so now the game footage is dark and small and everything else is too bright.

I don’t know that I can actually quantify this, but there are certain aesthetic things that put me off right away, yeah. I guess the biggest one is that overly energetic “YO YO YO IT’S YA BOI” kind of intro. I get why people do that, but it’s nails on a chalkboard for me.


I feel foolish now because I really like them but I used to avoid Run Button because I knew Kylie and Kieth came up through Something Awful and I tend to avoid Something Awful, but since Kieth became a regular voice for me on Friends at the Table I’ve been going through the backlog.

If you want an example of a pair of folks who have absolutely matured and grown a lot in the YouTube streaming space Run Button is it.


I basically only watch streams of tabletop RPGs, and any time combat gets lengthy or frequent I tend to tune out. I can sometimes make an exception when the people are playing in person and there’s expensive production work put into a fancy diorama/map (dimension 20, crit role), but if you pull that shit on roll20 or fantasy grounds, I just have zero patience for it. Having said that, I’m usually watching VOD/youtube, so I can just fast forward instead of unsubscribing if it’s not something that happens too often.

I basically can’t do streams. My extensive list of pet peeves will illustrate why!

  1. Audio. Can I hear you breathe? Can I hear you typing or button mashing? Does your mic suck? Can I hear your neighbor’s dog/laundry machine/parents? Did you even try to get your audio levels right? Do you have a shitty soundboard you use as a substitute for being actually interesting? Your voice is your instrument. If you haven’t spent any time on it, why am I spending time listening to you?

  2. Face. I don’t want to see it. I came to see the game. Look. If you have an nice explainer segment or an intro shot in a tidy space, go for it.

  3. The hype train. I’m not on it. I’m not smashing any buttons. I came for your content, not to hear you read the chat and shout out people. The opposite is also true. I’m not really here to hear you complain about things and trash yourself.

  4. A plan. If you don’t have one, I’m out.

  5. Do you insist on saying the same tired catch phrases every episode? You don’t need a schtick, you just need to have something to show me.

Conclusion: I’m the worst audience.

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There’s a game by a small studio I like to watch, and the biggest streamer of that game seems to be a genuinely good person. When they aren’t streaming I was watching another, less popular streamer of the same game because it was a familiar subject and they were good at engaging with the chat.

The developers recently started testing out changes on a beta branch, i.e. seeing what worked/didn’t work, and how the changes would go down with the community. Whilst neither of these streamers were big fans of some of the larger changes, the smaller one started being incredibly personal in their criticism against the developers. It was really unpleasant to hear, and they wouldn’t hear any of it when I tried to provide a counterpoint.

I ended up just getting the fuck out of there. What a shit they turned out to be.

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The Twitch I was willing to watch died long ago. Hell, the only gaming videos I watch these days (aside from the ones I edit) are Giant Bomb.

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They stopped streaming >_<

But seriously, I guess I’m in the same boat where a combination of time/focus and finding a lot of personalities frustrating means that I rarely engage with a streamer, and the only one who I ever found with a perfect mix of Personality, actually good music selection and good chat stopped streaming which was a major frustration.

I think the closest I’ve had was watching VoDs of GPB doing Super Mario stuff, which I could just about tolerate the meme stuff for, but once he got a contract (from Red Bull?), I just completely tuned out. I already find capitalism gross, and whilst I’m happy for him to have a more stable income (esp. with a young child), I don’t need any forced product placement in my own media diet thank you

One I kinda feel bad about is that someone who I used to love watching started streaming with their partner who seems like perfectly nice person… but is also unpalatable as a streaming personality to me.


Call me old fashioned but I prefer streams that are edited and uploaded to youtube so I can watch it on my own time. My schedule is one that usually doesn’t allow me to watch things live (even if I’d like to). Like epigraph mentioned, I also don’t need or care to see your face.

Usually the thing that stops me from watching a stream is yelling. …W-why are you yelling? It sounds awful in the mic. I’m just trying to relax and enjoy this stream. I understand a few yelps here and there if there’s suddenly a very exciting game moment but I cannot abide by consistent, frequent yelling.


I used to watch a handful of Korean Twitch streamers, but I felt guilty enjoying their content because a lot of them had such extreme schedules. I didn’t want to feel complicit in someone feeling compelled to burn themselves out by working 10+ hours a day, 6 days a week.

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While I don’t watch streams, my partner watches clips and such of Overwatch streamers, and i find them incredibly irritating. Lots of yelling and ridiculous catch phrases that are so loud the audio cracks and breaks.

Then they go on and complain about absurd one off “bugs” that are really the system working as intended. That won’t stop them from yelling at Blizzard to “fix your game” which is honestly kind of triggering as users have yelled that about games I’ve worked on that I was already killing myself working 80+ hour weeks on.

It’s gotten to the point where I gotta ask her to please not watch them while I’m in the same room.

I know there are good streamers, but in all honesty this is the first thing that has made me feel like a curmudgeonly old man, since I don’t really “get it” like my younger peers seem to.