This 2D Fan-Remake of 'Metroid Prime' Is the Apex of Gamer Nostalgia

You can do a lot with 17 years. That’s three more than it took to build the Sydney Opera House, and it’s three less than Odysseus’ epic journey through the great civilizations of antiquity. A group of diehard Metroid fans known as Team SCU have spent this length of time doing something far less ostentatious—they’ve been remaking the celebrated 2002 first-person adventure Metroid Prime. Not as a shiny HD upgrade but a 2D side-scroller like early games in the beloved sci-fi series. You can try a demo for the remake here, but do so quickly. Nintendo, the owner of the IP, is likely cooking up a cease-and-desist as I type this post.

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I feel like any Nintendo fan game needs to be under Yahoo Anime rules now. we’ve been burned before