This 'Battlefront II' Modder's First Creation Was a Middle Finger to EA


The reasons for making a mod vary from designer to designer. For some, it’s a way to be part of developing a game, even though it’s not their job. For others, it’s merely a venue to express creativity. For James “Destauch” Hourigan, modding became a form of protest. Until this week, Hourigan had never made a mod. But the lifelong Star Wars fan, incensed by the way Electronic Arts handled Star Wars: Battlefront II, was fed up.

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Line of the article?

I find Hourgan’s perspective interesting (even if we don’t quite agree about The Last Jedi, but I can live with that) and I can see where it’s coming from, especially since I probably agree with it. I like seeing a fan who has a reverence for canon, but doesn’t mind putting it to one side to make a point where it counts.


I could pick apart this dude’s bad takes on the last jedi since they’re on the nitpicky level of cinema sins not paying attention to the movie and missing explanations :roll_eyes: but i’ll save my breath.

also i’ll never get over nerds being mad that rian johnson decided to expand upon the force. apparently the only person allowed to do that was george lucas :woman_shrugging:


yeah, was cool until he shared his TLJ hot-take

dudes (and I mean this pretty much literally) seriously don’t get that Jedi are unreliable narrators when it comes to how the Force works, a point that TLJ makes, repeatedly


I’ll echo that his TLJ take majorly sucks. How many people bent out of shape over Rey’s lineage ever gave a second thought to Obi Wan, Yoda or Palpatine’s parents?

I do agree that EA’s stance on cosmetics is a total load, particularly compared to their last Battlefront game. You could unlock different race, gender and appearance options without any of the hand wringing over breaking canon.