This 'Civ IV' Mod is Translating Trump's Real-Life Policies into the Game


One of the more popular mod types for the Civilization games involve dropping new leaders into the strategy game, making it no surprise people wasted little time adding Donald Trump. There are three Trump mods on the Steam Workshop for Civilization VI, and two are played for a combination of laughs and trolling. The headline graphic for Trump Make Civ Great Again, for example, is a heroic-looking Trump piercing the neck of a dragon-themed Hillary Clinton.

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Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see any link to the mod the article/interview is about. There doesn’t need to be, but I figure if there is a link to the “Trump Make Civ Great Again” mod it makes sense to include a link to the mod this article is about as well.

Thanks for continued coverage of mods and modders of all types and for many different games.


Awesome read, thank you for posting Danika!

I would suggest reading the comments on the mod page to either have a good laugh or become extremely sad that it seems that people are unironically serious about what they are saying.

I’ll be checking this out because my friends and I play a weekly game of Civ, and this should be a good laugh/goof to spice things up.

Lovin the content as always guys, thanks :grin: