This Indie Horror Game is David Lynch by Way of Smash Cuts, Now on Steam


Paratopic is a freaky, funky, disturbing experience that does scary justice to the premise made famous in games like Thirty Flights of Loving, and as of today, it’s available on Steam. It uses jump cuts, disturbing, muddy visuals, and wild pace changes to tell its harrowing tale, which I enjoyed so much during a few days home sick from work last spring:

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Counterpoint: why would you buy it on Steam when you can buy it on


I’m intrigued by this. Though I’m slightly wary of that description, because it brings to mind Virginia, which I really wasn’t so keen on (the smash cuts seemed to turn it into a “walking simulator” but with that crucial explorative quality taken out / and the David Lynch “influence” amounted more often than not to wholesale appropriation imo)