This Indie Switch Game Seems Like the Mario Golf Game We've Always Wanted

Nintendo hasn't made a Mario Golf RPG in a while, but that's what 'Golf Story' is for.

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Between this and the Advance Wars-like (Wargroove?), I’m super happy that the Switch is fostering these game ideas that Nintendo (or their associated studios) have left to fall by the way side. I was always interested in the GBA Mario Golf game but never took the plunge, so this is definitely interesting to me. A character creator or different protagonist might have tipped me over the edge, but, for now, I will remain appreciative from the outside.


The lack of a character creator is a huge bummer, but I love golf games and this looks like a really cute, fun game. Hopefully the devs listen to folks who are disappointed about the lack of character options and the game does well enough for them to patch it in down the road.

Those old Camelot developed Mario Golf and Tennis RPGs were so much fun. Just bought this game and am super excited to get into it.

The exclusion of a character creator is a pretty big mistake though.

Yeah, I’m really happy that Nintendo’s fostering a great ecosystem for indies on the Switch; third-party titles have always been an issue for Nintendo, and seeing this kind of variety of offerings in the eShop now and on the horizon bodes really well for the future.

I’m totally going to get this. Maybe if it does well Camelot will think about making another one of these but for tennis again, which is the one I liked the most.

As somebody who loved the Game Boy Mario Golf’s and who likes Golf I’m really looking forward to sinking some time into this. Those games had a ton of personality.