This is the Year I Switch From Pro Evo to FIFA


And that’s entirely because Nintendo’s portable version of EA’s football behemoth is a darn good interpretation of the beautiful game.

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So happy to hear that FIFA on the Switch runs well. Should I try PES ever though? I’ve only ever played FIFA. Started with FIFA 16 and its been by GOTY ever since. I’ve also always wondered how well the skill built on one console transfers over to another.


Mike Diver and his UK guests actually bring up football fairly often in the Waypoint UK podcast. In fact last year, before waypoint - when it was still Vice Gaming - they dedicated a significant amount of one podcast to the struggle PES has had growing an audience despite positive reviews. Despite being a year old, it be worth going back to (I enjoyed catching up on them when it became waypoint).

It was recorded in an echoe-filled studio though. Plus, there is pre-release No Man’s Sky talk which could be funny in retrospect.