This Link-Themed 'Mario Maker 2' Stage Is a Brilliant Piece of Deception

We’re only a month or so into the introduction of Link into Mario Maker 2, early days for a community who always finds new ways to surprise. But it’s been a long time since a level made me cackle this hard. “LoZ: Twoll-light Princess [Troll]” from creator ~Chichiri~ is, in a sense, exactly as described: a Legend of Zelda troll level. And yet, its deception runs deeper than you can imagine, defying traditional expectations of trolling and transforming into sheer delight.

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I’ve only seen them on Carl Sagan 42’s channel but troll stages really seem to be a masterclass in “scripting” level logic just using the parts present in Mario Maker. Stuff like using Monty Moles to detect when the player walks past a certain point or the mentioned progressive powerups to react to Mario’s powerup state.