This 'Mario Maker' Level Has Been Played 2.6 Million Times and Never Beaten

For more than 12 hours now, my Wii U has been silently running underneath my desk. I’m not holding the controller, or taking note of what’s happening, but my Wii U is currently vying for a lottery ticket buried in Super Mario Maker, with a one in 7.5 million chance of it appearing. My reward? Beating a level that never requires the player to touch a button and yet, as of now, it’s been attempted more than 2.6 million times—and no one’s made it to the end.

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Huh, cool read. Fun and wholesome.

Reminds me of my middle school days where there was always some random Flash game that my classmates and I would obsess over (anyone remember The Impossible Quiz??), and whenever we had free time to use the computer, we’d all be trying to get the farthest or by the first to beat it.