This Real Time Strategy Game Is Just 13 Kilobytes

Programmer Dominic Szablewski has done something that’s not easy: he coded and built a fully functional real time strategy (RTS) game that comes in at just under 13 kilobytes.

Dubbed Voidcall, the game was inspired by classic RTS titles like Command and Conquer and Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Despite its diminutive size, the game still manages to include a lot of the features of a bigger title, including fully polygonal and textured models, a 3D rendered height map, and full unit pathfinding.

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I love tiny shit, that’s very cool. And I’m impressed by the skill. Think of the power that could come with an extra thousand bytes.

Here is a really cool video on the subject. People who make games are very impressive to me, they’ve been wizards in every age.


Thanks for sharing this! I’d always been aware of the severe space limitations of old games, but to see the ways in which developers worked around these is delightful! Particularly blown away at how they were able to halve the size of each level screen.

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