This Retro Brawler Lets You Customize the Difficulty to Suit Your Style

Way of the Passive Fist—an upcoming brawler from Household Games—is rad for a number of reasons. It’s a stylish, 16-bit-esque beat-em up that emphasizes defensive moves over the usual punches and kicks. Your character, the Wanderer, uses blocks, feints, and dodges to do damage against the enemy, transferring their energy against them. Successful parries build up a meter, when that meter is full, you can unleash a massive punch.

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Dirt 3 has a bunch of driving assist options that you can toggle on or off separately or just select a premade difficulty setting.

Pillars of Eternity has a bunch of options for difficulty, the player/enemy strength & amount/type of enemies is only a single 5 stage slider from Story mode to Hardest Difficulty, but there’s around 10 other options that are an on/off toggle. An infinitely large stash available from anywhere iron man mode (no reloading), injuries that reduce stats until resting or perma death, etc.

Thanks for the neat article and bringing up what looks like a great brawler!

Since recently starting to introduce my toddler to video games in a very limited way, Mario Kart’s crazy-forgiving difficulty controls are amazing. He can do nothing but hold the controller and pretend to steer using motion controls and he’ll generally finish the race in the middle of the pack. That’s really fun for him. As he starts to learn more, we can enable gas and brake controls, then maybe controller steering, and then finally turn off the track “bumpers” that prevent him from going off-track. All while continuing to play split-screen multiplayer at a level that’s fun and challenging for both of us.