This 'RollerCoaster Tycoon' Maze Takes Trillions of Years to Complete

Someone just created a maze in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 that takes park guests 6.6 * 10 ^ 19,758 years to complete. 

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I stumbled across Vos about a year ago after trying RCT2 again. He’s got a lot of really great in depth videos on RCT mechanics!


Man I would play RCT2 for HOURS as a kid. I always remember mazes having incredibly long lines no matter the size of the maze. I guess this was the reason why. Man I wish I had a way to play RCT2 now (I know about OpenRCT2, but all I have is a Chromebook) after seeing those videos. I can hear all the attraction, guest, and ambient noises now!

Something about those thumbnails is hitting this sweet spot of hilarious, nostalgic, and vaguely haunted and wow I love it

Oh that is brilliant. I always love videos like these that go deep into the quirks of a familiar game’s mechanics to show how they can be manipulated or played with (SummoningSalt’s speedrun videos immediately comes to mind).

Also thought I’d drop this recent Jacob Geller vid here in case anyone else feeling RCT2 nostalgia wants some more good content on that game:


Do you have a smart phone?

This port is actually really well done and is probably the only good thing Atari had put out in decades.

$6 gets you RCT 1 & 2. Theres two expansions to buy that are $3 each I want to say. Best phone game purchase yet.

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Marcel Vos rules. There’s another Youtuber like him, Deurklink. who have both really done the math and have that game fully mastered. Like every little quirk of physics and every hidden rule that governs that game, they know it.

There’s a whole community of people making some really mindblowingly cool shit in RCT2 right now.

Like this, by reddit user iretaunt:


I’m in!! Doing just some quick research it looks like I might be able to even play it on my Chromebook too!! Even if I can only play it on my phone it will be worth it as it seems like it was a really good port over to the phone. Thanks for bringing my attention to this!!