This Tuesday, VGCW Goes Walking Off Into That Good (The) Night

After 4 years, 2 showrunners, 12 seasons, Video Game Championship Wrestling’s narrative comes to a conclusion on Tuesday, May 9th.

The card, taken from the VGCW Forums:

Miles Edgeworth vs Demoman

An old developmental rivalry makes its way to the main stage. Miles Edgeworth and Demoman had some memorable bouts back in EDBW, their iron man match being hailed as one of the greatest ever. They’ll finally have a chance to do it again in VGCW as they kick End Game X3 off.

Octodad vs Raiden

Octodad’s been a solid competitor over the past few seasons, catching the eyes of many others in the process. But not everyone sees him the same way. Raiden has held suspicions of the fishy father since his debut, and now he’s prepared to share his findings with the world. After an encounter, they’ve agreed to a match at End Game, with Octodad hoping to keep Raiden’s mouth closed with a victory. Maybe.

VGCW vs WWE: Waluigi vs The Rock

VGCW and WWE’s battles go all the way back to the beginning of VGCW history. While VGCW has held the overall upper hand against legitimate professional wrestlers, WWE has had its share of victories as well. Both companies are sending forward competitors that represent their respective hearts and souls for one last duel. Waluigi, the People’s Champion of VGCW, goes up against the man on the cover of WWE 2K14 itself, the People’s Champion of WWE, The Rock. Who will drop the elbow and walk out the true People’s Champion? And will we get some damn sync on the boing already?
The Practice vs. Sonic Truffle & Knuckles

Some feuds just never die. After Dr. Wily’s historic run with the Casual Championship, he came up just short of being VGCW’s first Triple Crown winner. Unhappy with the result, he’s decided to team up with longtime partner Dr. Eggman to take on some eternal rivals in Sonic and Knuckles. With Dr. Robotnik and Toad now getting caught in the crossfire, we’ve got a 6-man contest to see who gets to laugh last.
Solid Snake vs Senator Armstrong

“You’re a soldier, aren’t you?” That’s what Senator Armstrong said in response to Solid Snake’s concerns of some of VGCW’s roster meeting their demise. At the time, those words left Snake uncertain. He knew things weren’t safe, but the instincts of a soldier can keep them trapped on the battlefield. And so he stayed, but all the while investigating what exactly was going on behind the scenes. After multiple run-ins with Armstrong and some useful intel from The Boss, Snake confronted the Senator one more time with his findings as ammunition, ever critical of Armstrong’s plans. Armstrong grew tired of Snake’s prodding and challenged the soldier on the field of battle. The clash of ideas and ideals will be settled in the ring.

Bowser vs Scorpion

Two legends who have been here since the beginning finally fight one-on-one for the first time ever. Bowser, known for perhaps the single most dominant performance in VGCW history with his 32-5 destruction of Ganondorf, will see his first singles action against the longest reigning VGCW Champion in history, Scorpion. It’ll be a chance for one legend to make a statement on VGCW’s biggest stage. Who is triumphant in the first-ever one-on-one battle of these two titans of VGCW?

Co-Op Title Match: The Saiyans © vs ???

After impressive singles runs, The Saiyans decided to finally jump back into the Co-Op scene, reeling off victory after victory to capture the Co-Op Championship. King Vegeta and Nappa have yet to be toppled since returning to tag action, and with the rest of division not appearing up to the task, a mystery team has come out to challenge the champs. Who is this duo, and can they be the ones to dethrone the King and his Ace?

Unified VGCW Title Match: Ganondorf © vs Zubaz

The unlikeliest main event one could ever imagine, yet at the same time, perhaps the most appropriate. Ganondorf, the only Triple Crown winner in VGCW history and regarded by many as the greatest of all time. Zubaz, who, aside from improbable Star Road 2 and Survival victories, has only a single win to his name in the two years he’s been with the company. The everlasting battle between strength and heart will decide who walks away with the Unified VGCW Championship.

What awaits the one left standing in the end…?

End Game 13 airs at 7 EST on May 9th.



Also apparently you cannot post an entire post in all caps in this software which GOES AGAINST THE VGCW SPIRIT.

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Listen it’s not time for the show so caps lock is off.

#PushGief #IntoATruck

I need to do a little catch up this weekend before the show.

Yeah, me too. I caught up at the start of the current season, then got super busy and missed all the new episodes. But I’m going to catch up for sure so I can be in the chat, yelling for ma boys.

I would like to catch up on the other leagues too. I think if WVCGW wasn’t around, then I would be taking the loss of VGCW a lot harder, but, honestly, WVGCW is just a better produced show (RIP RPGenie ;_; ) EDBW and BWA are great too, though are kind of “lower budget” productions, so its hard to see either “replace” VGCW.

EDBW is my favorite shoe because it leans really well into the comedy potential of the whole setup.

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A double post but: Tonight Is The Night.

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It begins…

Caps Lock… ENGAGE!

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It’s been an incredible run. I’m thankful for everything VGCW gave us, and I’m sad that it’s come to a close. I wish I’d caught more of it live, but I will always treasure the memories of the times when I did.


I cannot fucking believe Bikerdorf came back, and Justin Roberts announced the main.