This 'Twin Peaks'-Inspired Open World Game Came Out in 1998, And Now It's Playable In English

David Lynch’s classic television show Twin Peaks has had an outsized influence on video games. Famous games such as Alan Wake, Deadly Premonition, and Silent Hill all took cues from Lynch’s surreal portrait of the American Pacific Northwest.

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oh my god, thanks for this. Twin Peaks is 100% my favorite TV show ever (and FWWM is secretly Lynch’s best work… or very close to it anyway). now I know what I’m going to do once I finish Tactics.


This game is junky as hell but also fuckin’ amazing because it’s another “Twin Peaks” game, I’m really excited that it’s accessible to more folks now.

Human Entertainment are one of my favorite devs ever. More than any other dev at the time they understood how to capture the essence of a type of movie or show and put it into the game form. I’d strongly recommend folks check out the early Clock Tower games, SOS, The Firemen, etc. from them. Plus they’re responsible for Fire Pro wrestling. :heart:


when you’re so in on the shit that you didn’t have to read more than the title to know that this was about Mizzurna Falls


Game is very cool. I can really recommend her playthrough, it’s very pleasant.

This was really exciting news… and then I saw discussion of it on Twitter. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it sounds like this patch isn’t worth playing.

Turns out this isn’t an actual finished patch at all. The person actually trying to make the patch gave up due to all the technical issues they had trying to make the game support English properly. They put their source code out there in the hopes of someone being able to improve it… then this dude just compiled it and started advertising it as a finished project when he had nothing to do with it. According to the actual creator it’s buggy as hell and crashes in some mandatory scenes, so there’s no way to finish the game.

Really disappointing to learn; I’ve been wanting this to be translated for a while. Maybe someday.

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Thanks for bringing this up; that really sucks on a lot of levels.

I’ve started noticing the struggles of localization a lot more lately, especially with games. Games like this, or Germs: Nerawareta Machi, or Twilight Syndrome are potential favorites that people who don’t know Japanese don’t really have access to. And in general, there’s been a history of region locking that makes games difficult to experience outside of a very particular frame. And within the realm of community sourced translation, something like Thracia 776 took years and years to finally get patched properly.

Outside of games, one of my favorite movies ever, Hausu was only released in the US in the past decade or so, nearly 30 years after it’s release. I was deeply moved by Three Windows and a Hanging, a Kosovar film I was able to catch at a film festival, but after that, I’ve struggled to find any way to get a hold of it (though this might be a problem beyond localization). And this is just as an English speaker; I can’t imagine the difficulty of trying to find some of these things.

I’m hoping to be a librarian, so I’m a big advocate for free information for all. But sometimes that isn’t enough; it’s not too hard to find copies of Mizzurna Falls, but actually being able to enjoy it is a much bigger hill to climb if you don’t know Japanese.
I wish I had a nice little bow, something I could advocate for, to put on the end of this post. But I can’t really point to anything. I just hope art across the world is made available across the world.

Turns out this nonsense ended up reviving the patch project, with a new coder volunteering to take on the challenge.