This 'Witcher 3' Mod Got Geralt to Read New Lines Without the Voice Actor

One of the highest compliments you can pay a fan mod for a game is that it can feel indistinguishable from something made by the original developer. This helps explain the enthusiastic response to a recent trailer for A Night to Remember, a new story for The Witcher 3. It looks great, and more specifically, sounds great, especially the new lines of dialogue for the main character, Geralt. Maybe they managed to get the original voice actor?

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What if a game developer needs a new line, the actor is unavailable, and they decide to give this fancy new AI a try?

I’m definitely concerned about this as well. Compensation for this is the kind of thing that could be negotiated as part of a contract, and fortunately voice actors have a decent union. But it does raise questions of attribution, crediting, and oversight, particularly in a situation where the AI ends up reading a line that the voice actor would have objected to.

If this tech stays in the mod world, though, I think it’s awesome.


GoFundMe to pay Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill for the rights to their portrayals of Batman and The Joker for use in perpetuity.

But to the point at hand, people need to get paid and everything needs to be handled with care. We don’t need any vocal deepfakes running around.

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