This Year, 'Dota 2' Gave Us A Cinderella Story for the Ages


Last Saturday, one of the greatest Cinderella stories in esports came to a head. OG, a team shattered by internal fractures and vital departures, climbed up through the bracket to the top of The International, Dota 2’s annual world championship. The tournament brought together the greatest in the game to compete for millions of dollars. It was a gauntlet of the best, and OG had, against all odds, emerged victorious.

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It was wild just seeing OG turn those games against LGD around. That last game I had my better versed DOTA friend between the hero picks and that early game called it for LGD at that 20 minute mark, but they did come back from 2 games from similar positions. And one good team fight just snowballed.


The smaller great story here is that ODPixel and Fogged (and Merlini!!!) got the Grand Finals to commentate.


I’ve fallen away from watching pro DOTA regularly, but I always try to catch some of TI. This year I didn’t have time to watch anything until the last day so I had no idea how much of a Cinderella Story OG’s run was. That wound up making for a really cool experience because I would discover some new aspect of the Cinderella story every hour or so and would get progressively more shocked that they had made it this far.

My favorite surprise was finding out that Ceb was 7ckingMad. I somehow didn’t put this together until after they had won, despite seeing him in the booth (I guess I thought he was somehow acting as a joint coach with ppasaral or something). I used to be a big Alliance fan and liked him from his brief stint playing for them but I would have never thought he would win a TI.


I kept being surprised that LGD lost the games taht they did, since I generally thought their laning and drafting was way better than OG for the most part, but there would always be some mistake lategame that LGD would make and never rebound from, such as their botched Rosh fight in game 5.