Thor Ragnarok: Anyone Excited?


I’ve been reading the reviews for Thor and I’m still very much looking forward to seeing it this November. Anyone else looking forward to it? What are hopes and qualms about seeing it? Do you think the Hulk has a fresh cut? Write em here.


Thor was recommended to me, but I didn’t enjoy it much. Then, Thor 2 was awful. So, for a while I had zero interest in this, especially since superhero movies have become too common and the machine is getting annoying.

Then reviews hit, and I learned it’s not crap, and is actually different from the others, so I plan to go see it sometime.


Yeah man I’m excited, gonna ask for the day off for Thor. From the reviews it looks like a fun ride.


Since it sounds like it’ll basically be a Taika Waititi movie but with Marvel characters and CG spectacle, I’m very excited. If it lives up to my expectations I could easily see it being one of my favorite Marvel movies.


I’ve got tickets booked to see it on Wednesday with a handful of friends. Not super excited though. Taika Waititi making it means it’ll probably be great but remembering how bad both the other Thor movies were still worries me…


Ive been hyped from the second Mark Ruffalo described it as “Midnight Run but with superheroes” a year or two ago. With everything looking so in line with what I like, its hard to believe this is a Thor movie


I’m mostly excited because the early reviews have mentioned how it basically throws out what a “Marvel movie” has been - I’ve liked them so far, but I’m heartened that they’re willing to try new things, especially with Ragnarok’s director!


Yeah I’m a die hard marvel fan and I’ve been upset over how all the movies have been the same for a while now. Then Defenders and Iron Fist came out right after each other and almost killed all my interest on the TV side if things. Inhumans is the first marvel show I haven’t even looked at. I hope Thor can bring me out of this slump.


Waititi is a fantastic filmmaker and this looks like it has his trademark humor all through it.


I didn’t actually know this film was going to come out this month so I was surprised when I saw the trailer at the Cinema.
For me I’m not a complete Marvel fan as I don’t really like their humor too much, but I do enjoy the Captain America series and Thor so I am interested in this.


I am really excited. Although I was a little disheartened by the one review I read saying it’s a fun light-hearted movie, ragnarok should be some end of the world heavy stuff. I’ll see for myself soon enough :rofl:


My understanding is they’re putting the ROCK in Ragnarok!

Or something.


I do wish they’d take a break soon, though. Enough is getting to be enough.


Soon as I can find a babysitter, I’m there opening weekend. Looks really fun.


A break from what though?


Cautiously excited. Everyone is expecting a Taika Waititi movie but honestly, I think it’ll just be a marvel movie with better jokes.


Btw the Team Thor short that Taika Waititi directed is pretty great and a pretty good example of what his comedies are like


Yep! With MoviePass I’ll probably end up seeing it multiple times in theaters.


props to marvel and disney for dropping ragnarok on the 24th in the uk… in 12 hours time i’ll be roughly half way through


I never really expected to be interested in a Marvel movie, but especially not a Thor one - the first one was a god awful sleep aid of a movie. Taika Waititi is consistently extremely funny though so I imagine he’ll do well.