Those Dragons Sure Are Ageing (Dragon Age Megathread)


I saw a call for a Dragon Age thread and realized I should have made one…Ages ago?

Feel free to talk here about those sweet breadcrumbs Bioware had given us regarding a DA4, but also don’t hesitate to discuss the other games & media in the franchise!

Who are your favorite companions? Romances? What bullshit did Bioware pull that made you enjoy something about these games less so?


Okay, real talk: if I was going to go back and play a Dragon Age, how should I do it and where should I start? Is there anything I need to be mindful about?

I bounced off Mass Effect 1 pretty hard and don’t want to put any more pressure between me and my Bioware-fan friends than is strictly necessary.


I’ve been replaying DA:I for the past few weeks (Before they even announced there would be a teaser, timing was fortuitous) and It’s been fun. I like it the most out of any of them.

The Dragon Age Keep site that they have set up which lets you slot in the relevant choices from previous games is a seriously fantastic tool. You’d probably not have context for some of it but just choosing the main points that shape the world you want to play in is a decent way to both save time by skipping the previous games and to get a quick recap of the world before you dive in.

Also DA:I is good. The combat is meh but the story is Gooooooood.


Play a spell caster, its the most interesting class in the game combat wise


I can’t wait to STILL be left in the dark about what the fuck the Architect is doing.

Remember that guy? Bring him back, Bioware.


If you do decide to go through the DA Keep thing and jump right into Inquisition, know that there are some design decisions core to that game that can encourage you to stay in one place for far too long and you can pretty much break the levelling system in the first area. Move before you think you need to. Being a completionist about things is a really un-fun way to play DA:I, I found.

I don’t know if Origins or II hold up so well at this point but it’s probably worth at least jumping into them a little to get some idea of context. The Dragon Age Keep is something that I kind of took for granted as someone who played the first two games but it really doesn’t provide a lot of context for the decisions you’re making and it can feel pretty overwhelming.


Every once in a while I replay DAO and I always play a really fed up angry City Elf who is a thousand percent done with all these humans. She’s mean as hell and I love her. Super rec that. Good good fun.


Who did everyone romance in Origins?

  • Zevran
  • Leliana
  • Morrigan
  • Alistair

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I went with Zevran because my Warden was a ruthless asshole and also extremely gay


I went with Liliana because as a young boy who hadn’t accepted his sexuality playing Origins I went with what I felt was the most basic option for a “good morality” character, despite Liliana being hell of queer and basically being a lady version of Zevran in the romance stuff.

Better believe in the rest of the games my characters are gay as hell though.


Who did you romance in Dragon Age 2?

  • Fenris
  • Anders
  • Sebastian
  • Merrill
  • Isabella

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I went with Fenris because it turns out I am SUUUUUPER basic. Although, I still wish Aveline was a viable option.


Is “I would have romanced Morrigan with my female elf” and option?


Okay, some caveats:

  • I personally loved the story of Mass Effect 1 (despite what I now acknowledge is some super clunky combat, UI, and inventory issues)
  • I’m old

I loved the heck out of Dragon Age: Origins and Awakenings. The only Anders I acknowledge is the one from Awakenings. The thing in DA2 is #notmyAnders. Your mileage may vary. I liked the pausable tactical combat (and the ability to muck about with combat scripting if that’s your jam), and the ability to gear out your companions the way you want (I’m looking at you DA2), and of course the Grey Warden story is something I find really compelling. Much more so than Hawke’s journey in DA2 and more than the Inquisitor, though that was closer to being a Warden.

So, for my money, it’s: play DA:O + A, watch some YouTube videos and read a wiki for DA2 to catch up with our chronicler Varric Tethras, play DA:I but don’t get bogged down in the Hinterlands, and make sure to get to the end of the final DLC.

At a minimum, if only to satisfy your Bioware-superfan-friends, read a totally spoilerific wiki-history of Thedas. They did some really cool world building here.


And finally, who did you romance in Inquisition?

  • Cassandra
  • Dorian
  • Blackwall
  • Sera
  • Iron Bull
  • Cullen
  • Josephine
  • Solas
  • Harding

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I’ve never actually completed Inquisition, but Blackwall is a good man. I like a guy who can enjoy quiet time.


^This. A thousand times this. Even if you have to play with a guide or wiki open to soothe your completionist tendencies (and that’s not a bad way to go if you’re not super sensitive about spoilers), keep moving.


Since Mass Effect 1 was brought up, yeah it is ROUGH as all hell and I still don’t get why people praised the mechanics because the only reason they’re fun is because they’re so broken that it completely destroys the difficulty curve when you get the right item drop.

As for DA, I want to love Origins, but there are two major issues that hamper my enjoyment.

  1. The city elf origin is one of the worst things that has ever existed ever now and forever and whoever thought it was a good idea should have been fired.

  2. The habit of the game piling on bullshit. Trying to fight magic users way in the back blasting huge projectiles and AOEs at your party, OFTEN RIGHT WHEN YOU OPEN A DOOR, is not fun.

It’s so close to being my favorite Bioware game after Mass Effect 2, but MAN. Ozammar is also a slog, partly because dwarf enemies take forever to beat, and because the ridiculous amount of transition loading and needless walking in the city itself.

Also you can’t romance Sten and Morrigan can’t be romanced with a female character SO WHY ARE THEY EVEN THERE


Ahhh, the City Elf origin, when it was hip and edgy to “comment” on systemic oppression by just… showing it. Thanks, Witcher.


If you’re interested in playing these games, you might want to start with Origins. If you’re playing on PC you might also want to download mods/get to know a cheat to skip combat encounters. Origins is hard and tactics-heavy even on casual. For origins there aren’t many DLCs that are worth it save for Awakening, which is kind of a standalone thing rather than an expansion of the main story.

Another way of getting into these games is just starting with Inquisition, but if you decide to go down that road, you might want to read up on lore and companions, and as other people have mentioned, check the Dragon Age tapestry. They do introduce a LOT of characters that you are supposed to know and which are throwbacks to earlier games. I personally found Inquisition combat way more fun than Origins or II, but that’s just because it’s way less tactics oriented and on most difficulties you can just blast through your enemies, but obviously this is just a preference.


The city elf origin was my first introduction to these games and uhh it was A(n Uncomfortable) Lot.


This prob says awful things about me by city elf is my favorite origin and I consistently played it as a… mmm let’s say revenge fantasy. But I hells of understand why others would not find it as cathartic as I did.

More DAO advice: after my first few playthroughs I cranks the difficulty to Casual and waltzed through the combat. If your not into minor things tactics shit, it’s really boring.


I get the revenge element of it, but that fell apart for me completely because of how utterly poor the tone of that story was handled and how badly the city elves get treated later on.

I prefer the mage origin overall, especially as an elf. You’re basically the ultimate outcast and have justification for being defensive and not taking shit without having to have a mountain of awful, awful, disgusting shit shown to you in the worst way imaginable.