Those Dragons Sure Are Ageing (Dragon Age Megathread)


This is why the Ball rules so much. Schmoozing those posh fucks until you have enough leverage to dictate the terms to them was the absolute best.


The formal uniforms you have to wear to the Ball suck though and bless the PC modding community who modded a game that wasn’t supposed to be so that my Elfquisitor could wear a pretty dress to the Ball.


See, I love that you have to wear that stupid shit and then when you’re doing you’re skullduggery you’re back in your armour. I love the idea that you’re getting in and out of your shitty uniforms over the course of the evening


Especially because, realistically, that’s like 10 minutes both ways, each time.


I played a qunari inquisitor so started the ball at a major disadvantage and barely scraped through without making everyone hate me


Yeah for real I usually play the ball out of character so they give me approval points for the things I say so I can do the timed mission stuff without any stress.


i went underground and now some Destiny shit is happening? The dwarves dug too greedily and too deep and accidentally tunnelled into a different game


oh I haven’t played that DLC yet, but I read about it, am intensely interested in the implications of everything that happened in it, and am looking forward to it either being shunted off to another DLC for DA4 or not even touched on at all.


Yeah, i’m not a big fan of Lore in general (or DA lore specifically) so i expected not to care but that one thing at the end with a dwarf using magic was genuinely surprising and i’m interested to see where that goes, which hasn’t happened since Morrigan’s Baby in DAO so i fully expect this one to also fizzle out in a clearly tacked-on cutscene.

In other news i’ve finished the main game and most DLC (just got Eggman’s Great Adventure left) and boy Corypheus was just a big wet fart of a villain who really badly dragged this game down. Everyone’s yelling about how important and dangerous he is but in his three on-screen appearances before the final boss fight he got a mountain dropped on him, got blown up by lasers, and broke a giant mirror with his face. All his big dramatic plans were A) completely planned and executed by others, making him effectively irrelevant to them and B) completely stupid and over-complicated. also he looked like a rejected Dr Who villain
i was also kind of annoyed at how the game handled my Inquisitor’s background (Dalish Elf mage) at certain points. The clearest example is in the lead-up to the Temple of Mythal stuff, where she somehow needed Morrigan to explain what the Temple of Mythal is; this is her own actual culture, which she was raised to specifically know as a future Keeper, and she needs it explained by some goth libertarian who read a book about it once? i get the need to explain what it is in that scene for people like me who don’t give a shit about codex entries, but at least have my Inquisitor look like she knows basic facts about her own culture. It seems like the Inquisitor’s race only matters in minor conversational options, and big story moments completely ignore it, which kinda sucks.
Anyway. Good game, but probably my least favourite of the three.


How’d we go this whole thread so far without saying “dragon big”?

But yeah, even the writers have admitted they bungled that bit.


But do they got feet?


See, I can’t imagine doing The Descent before the end of the main game even though I’m told Solas has a lot to say about what goes on down there. The Hakkon>Descent corridor feels like this is what the Inquisition occupies itself with next once Corypheus is dealt with.


For reals, Dragon Age: Origins made me cry at the end.

The resurgence of my depression may have had a great deal to do with the actual tears, but if you let yourself get invested in the characters and their wants and needs then some of the choices you make can be pretty soul-crushing.


I can’t NOT romance the emo elf-boy. Like, I think I am physically incapable? I was playing a mage, so you know that was good times all round.


Damn! She a dragon, and she got feet? And she Captain Janeway?


OK so Waypoint, help me love this series.

I played through DA:O on PC and liked it well enough. (The fact that fighters couldn’t stand in front of something to block it was frustrating, but whatever.)

Then I tried DA2. The PC controls are…not really my thing. The fight design is so frustrating that I wound up nopeing out after getting past the first timejump. The fact that I had to play through combats was so demoralizing that it sapped my enjoyment of the rest of the game.

And then there was Inquisition, which I wanted to like. I wanted to like so bad, because qunari PCs and commanding a big organization and everyone loves Iron Bull and all sorts of good stuff. But the control scheme changed yet again and it was still bad and the tactical map doesn’t let you see shit and the MMO design started to make everything feel pointless. So I noped out of that after recruiting the templars (which AFAICT was also a mistake). I think I went down to the Deep Roads and just stalled there.

(It’s always the Deep Roads, huh? I actually didn’t mind that segment too much in DA:O.)

So tell me. Waypoint. What should I latch onto? What are the threads of gold that make this series one so clearly beloved by y’all? And why does Solas look like a goddamn egg?


the only real deep roads segment that i can remember is The Decent DLC and while the game mostly scales with you, that area is punishingly hard until you’re around level 20 and have your specializations. It’s purposefully built that way because it’s a DLC that’s not “supposed” to be done til late in the game, and b/c the Deep Roads are Like That.

IMO? Do what almost everyone else did to get at the story: set the combat to Easy and ignore the tactical map. I almost never use it. I never need to pause in the middle of battle and for the most part you can get through the game fine as long as you pick your battles. If I want a character to execute a certain action, I just hard-switch to them and have them move and execute it manually. Each area has a soft-cap on the level they expect you to start it in too, so as long as you manage to hit that sweet spot, combat should mostly be a breeze.


Swooping. Is. Bad.

I don’t have anything to say, that just popped into my head tonight and it might be my favorite line reading in video game history, and immediately cemented Alistair as “Carth, but I actually like him.”


Hello, yes, my name is Blackie62 and upon further retrospection I feel personally attacked by the Waypoint crews inconsiderate numerous false understandings of the Dragon Age lore.

Also, if we’re talking the Dragon Age one-liners, then my boy snarky Hawke.

And the mashugana Bioware fans didn’t want a voiced protagonist.


Everyone knows all the real gamers play aggressive Hawke