Those Dragons Sure Are Ageing (Dragon Age Megathread)


I would 100% be a horny dwarf if I could be a horny dwarf mage. I can’t stand to play these games as any other class anymore - I’m broken!

Now that we know some dwarves apparently CAN do magic, if you’re gonna make me roll a new character in DA4 and not bring my beloved inquisitor as the main character (that whole missing a hand thing has gotta suck, but not too bad as a mage), let me be a magic dwarf already.


Regardless of your opinion on Sera can we all just collectively agree that Lukas Kristjanson should never be allowed to write a lesbian ever again.

ETA: or any female character. Or any character. Just fire him.


Wait, am I reading these requests for a horny dwarf correctly and this is the rare bring back Oghren discussion. Y’all want your classic Tolkien-esque dwarf before Bioware realized they didn’t want to write said dwarves and decided to completely ignore them in favor of their surface dwarves whose defining trait is… safely roguish? An excuse to cast American VAs with pedigrees of characters with at least mild scoundrel-tude? A Je ne sais Joss Whedon but without all the problematic elements of Whedon so at most the dwarves are… a bit quippy?

Or is this the more classic Bioware forums complaint that we need another female dwarf companion, AKA bring back Sigrun.

Personally, I say just bring back all the Awakening companions they haven’t already. So what if they could have died at the end of the expansion? Anders was on the chopping block and they brought him back.


I can’t wait until Velanna swoops in and punts Solas into the atmosphere.


I thought the fun part about Origins dwarves was that they were decidedly not Tolkien stereotypes. Sure they lived in mines and liked to drink, but they were a heavily caste based society filled to the brim with political turmoil and upheaval. Not to mention they didn’t even have scottish accents


I don’t know, Iron Bull and Dorian don’t really think you’re the second coming. And Cassandra can get over it. Don’t worry TOO much about the approval ratings, I’m pretty sure if you just do the flirt dialogues, you can romance anyone.


I miss the dwarves. Dragon Age Origins had GREAT dwarves. You go to (or grow up in) Orzammar, which is a really interesting place and the dwarf culture is fascinating I think. A fading empire locked in constant war and political strife. You got to really get involved in shaping the future of the city too. (King Bahlen is an ass, but he married my sister, so I stood by him. Seems like he’s making the place better.)

In Dragon Age 2, you get to hang out with an excellent dwarf character, but he is deliberately the opposite of the other dwarves of Thedas. Which is fine, but where are the other dwarves? Dragon Age 2 is my favorite game in the series, but not nearly enough dwarves!

Inquisition has barely any dwarves and doesn’t even have Dragon Age 2’s excuse that is was only set in one city. You are a huge organization, and the only dwarves you talk to are a returning character, his old paramour, and a scout. C’Mon! The Deep Roads DLC is ok, and it certainly reveals some pretty big capital L Lore about the dwarves, but you get barely anyone to talk to, and only a tiny bit of conversations with them to boot!

TL;DR The games need more dwarves.


10th anniversary of Origins this year. Feels wild, man.


I just started up Inquisition again on a whim. I don’t know what I think I’m doing since I have a billion other RPGs to finish; my excuse is that I never got through all of the DLC.


Hey if you don’t own Inquisition you can get it right now for $5 USD on Origin and the DLC for $15. If you’ve been holding out now’s a good time to grab it.