Those Dragons Sure Are Ageing (Dragon Age Megathread)


Just started a new Inquisition playthrough that i am 100% for real going to actually finish this time and i forgot just how much that eggy bastard Solas sucks.


They are all backwards compatible on XB1. My main recommendation if you go back to Origins is to not pick a mage as your first character.

Mages spend an inordinate amount of time in The Fade, and The Fade abso-fucking-lutely sucks. You can’t avoid it completely (not without mods at least) but anything you can do to minimize your time there is a plus.


Just one more poll for now, I promise. Werewolves, elves, or peace (Which is still “elves”)?

  • Werewolves
  • Elves
  • Peace

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This was always my favorite part of the game, though I’m aware its deployment of assault may have aged poorly, the same could be said for a lot of Origins, unfortunately.

Either way, I went with the werewolves, because its a freakin army of WEREWOLVES. Sure, I just further enabled a cycle of brutal vengeance and doomed the people fighting for me, but WEREWOLVES.


Anyone who picks Sebastian is a cop.

edit: also I 100% would have romanced Harding, but I didn’t think it was possible for that to go anywhere unless they patched it in later?


And even if you could romance Aveline, who is a cop, it would still make you less of a cop.

EDIT RESPONSE: It’s not a fully fleshed out romance, there are no cutscenes to my knowledge, but you can flirt and assuming you’re not with anyone else, you can enter into a relationship, like Kelly in Mass Effect 2.


aaarg I mis-voted, and said I romanced Bull (who I did on my second playthrough), not Cassandra, to whom my heart really belongs.

That said bioware can we stop with the compulsory heterosexuality for the queerest-presenting female companion characters in your games? Morrigan, Jack, Cassandra…


Jack is super weird because she is outright canonically bisexual by her own account, and yet she can only be romanced by a male Shepard because ???


Sincerely, the only thing I can think of is some absolute asshole not wanting to make a “message game” by having too much queer romance.


Yeah, they are super inconsistent about who you can and can’t romance. The recent BioWare games have certainly had way more bisexual characters because what people love about these games is getting to hook up with your cool fantasy/Sci fi friends and not having to role-play a gender they don’t identify with/as to do that is just better for everyone, but they haven’t gone full Saints Row 4 with it. While I can respect the decision to have characters whose sexual preferences are specific and defined, when that happens in BioWare games it never seems considered. As @Mossy points out, it’s not like Cassandra presents as straight. It feels arbitrary.


Some actually tangible advice I can give about Origins: hoard the health poultices, beacause that Archdemon fight is pure bullshit.


An interesting thing about the series is that while there is a narrow time period all the games take place in and recurring characters, each entry is a stand alone story so you can even just start at Inquisition and catch up with a wiki/youtube summary.


Play Origins and Awakening on Casual. I’d recommend trying to do the Fade vanilla at least once, just because is solemnly believe it’s necessary for and understanding of the worst parts of that game. No shame in downloading a mod to skip it though. If you’re gonna play a mage in that game, play a healer. If you’re going to get any DLC, for the love of GOD get The Stone Prisoner. It’s the only Bioware DLC worth a fucking damn.

You can play Dragon Age 2, but I never finished it so I can’t recommend it. The writing seemed really fun, but the gameplay was terrible and boring as all hell, so I never finished.

When you get to DA:I, LEAVE THE HINTERLANDS. For the love of god, LEAVE THEM. You can come back and do quests and shit as you need points to do stuff.


Also, I suck and am boring b/c I never romance anyone in these games. Origins had kind of a difficult, item-based romance approval system that I honestly hated, so I just retroactively had my dwarf commoner Warden romance Zevran in Keep.

I’m playing DA:I again, with the intention of not letting myself 100% the Hinterlands and then stop playing the game, and I’m probably not going to romance anyone. Almost everyone in your party Loves Jesus and if you keep telling people you’re not a prophet, then their approval rating will never be high enough. I’m not willing to completely change the character I want to play in this playthrough (male dwarf rogue, Carta skull cracker by circumstance, just wants to help people) in order to get a romance going. It seems super disingenuous to me.


Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back IN

I’m seeing this guy as kind of a hippie, the sort who would spend hours just, like, contemplating, man. Fairly typical druid shit. He also likes to freeze people.


Alistair, Anders, Dorian.

I played 2 first and it remains my favourite. I don’t know. Every criticism is valid but I love all my awful party members, and I love Anders, and I also actually enjoy that Rivalry doesn’t mean they leave or whatever. They don’t agree with you, but they trust you? It’s just a different relationship. I like it. (It may have been the first game of this sort of genre I played that let me kiss a dude so, you know, that’s probably a large part of it.)
I also hate Anders, natch. It’s complicated, okay.

I modded DA:O to let me romance Alistair as a dude. He’s very sweet. Most of the other party members didn’t grab me, and mostly I found the game kind of tedious (why is Every Dungeon endless corridors full of skeletons GOD) but when I replayed it more recently I enjoyed it much more, and engaged with more of the characters? (Zevran and Wynne especially).
on calling the warden ‘the hero of ferelden’:

GUY 1: Ah, the Hero of Ferelen.
GUY 2: ah yes, Alistair Theirin, heir of King Cailin, who slew the usurper and sacrificed himself to end the blight
GUY 1: no, that elf mage who travelled with him.
GUY 2: …the one that consorted with demons? killed an arl’s son? burned down amaranthine?
GUY 1: that’s the one.

DA:I is Too Big, and I’m not sure they land any sort of feeling of Running An Organisation, and also it seems like everyone just likes you without really trying? Dorian is wonderful though. I also flirted with Cullen which was Very Cute.

I kind of expect 4 to be more of the same as DA:I and that’s, fine I guess, but. I’d much rather it be smaller and more focussed. I don’t have high hopes but I’ll inevitably play it anyway! Whoops!


Morrigan, Fenris and I never got far enough in DA:I to settle on anyone :frowning: Though Josephine did seem awfully nice.

I was a huge fan of the first two games, but by the time the third one came out I had no way of playing it and when I finally got around to it the moment had passed. I probably put a good 20 or 30 hours into it before I got to Skyhold and realized how much game was still ahead of me, which was somewhat deflating. I wish I lived in a world where I had the time to go back and replay it.


Okay so my responses to the romances are Leliana (Alistair was actually my first romance but I consider Leliana to be my canon romance. I do quite like Alistair still though!) Isabela (yo ho ho and a pirate wife for me), Josephine (love of my life, Ambassador of my heart, no one will ever compare, etc. etc.).


I actually played through DA:I earlier this year after only playing a bit of Origins and never touching 2. I found it to be almost surprising how easy it was to jump right in despite not knowing a whole lot about the world or anything. The one thing I felt like could’ve been done better was that I never really fully understood what was up with the Templars and Mages but maybe if I had just done more reading in the Codex or just payed more attention that would’ve been clearer.

I was just reminded of one particular scene that stood out that I really really liked. At the end of the big party/ball mission it gave me the option to dance with Josephine so I said yeah sure why not and then the next time I spoke to Leliana she actually had a pretty touching conversation about how Josephine was her best friend and she wanted what was best for her etc etc. Of course I took this to mean that Leliana is actually madly in love with Josephine so my Inquisitor backed off to let them be. It was just a nice unexpected scene and is one of the handful of dialogues in that game that has stuck with me.

I ended up (attempting) to romance Cassandra but since I had a lady Inquisitor it meant that I couldn’t which was intensely frustrating. They give you so much freedom (or at least an illusion of freedom) to make all sorts of choices but then there’s so much restriction if you want any sort of queer romance. It probably didn’t help that I had been playing as a completionist so by the time I got to the conversation where Cassandra shot me down I was 50 or 60 hours deep and committed pretty much entirely to trying to woo her.

I never did finish the Trespasser DLC but from the sounds of it, I probably should have. oops.


I’ve literally never been able to finish this game because of that MFer. I hate, hate, hate the combat in DA:O.


I actually ended up loving it, and would love it more if not for the bullshit wizard spams your party in the back moments.

I’m a big fan of pause options in combat and tactical focus, I’ve found, even in Mass Effect 2 and 3. It changes the game around from action to strategy, and that interests me way more in an RPG.