Those Dragons Sure Are Ageing (Dragon Age Megathread)


Oh man, if I’d known about the heart thing, I would have dug in so much earlier. Thanks for the heads up!


Thirded. I think Harding is super great and she deserved more screentime and a proper romance. My BioWare protagonists apparently always have a huge crush on characters voiced by Ali Hillis.


Story-wise, I feel the Deep Roads is actually the most well-put together of the treaty-based narratives in that game, but I also played a Dwarf Commoner and set myself on casual since I don’t see much point in playing RPGs on anything but.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure I suppose. :3


I’m probably being uncharitable. I think I at least like Ostagar more than the first, interminable, visit to the Citadel.

And the best part of the game, I repeat, is the Brecilian Forest.



Okay. So. I concede your point. But also. I have a very irrational fear of werewolves. So I put off doing that quest line forever until I actually met the wolves and realized they were not as bad as I thought they would be. :grimacing:


Story-wise, I’d agree, but from a gameplay perspective, it just felt like a massive slog.


That section is what I like to call the “replay killer”


You all have done gone and made me redownload DA:I again. I’m gonna go through as an elf rogue, but I maintain that my warrior dwarf with his fine ass beard is the original canon inquisitor. I’ve never seen the female elf mage arc because no one should fuck Solas but maybe I’ll learn to hate him even more as a city elf.


So, I feel fairly confident that I can objectively rank the origins, from best to worst:

  1. Dwarven Commoner
    Origins writing at its best. The portrayal of the casteless and the Dwarves labyrinthine social customs is done really well. It has the best temporary companion and the best villain. It’s also the only origin where you can catch Duncan off-guard and he’ll have a genuinely human moment of ignorance, which adds a lot.

  2. Dwarven Noble
    Still interesting, as now you actually have to carefully move through the strange high society that you previously only glimpsed from afar and you really feel like a powerful person. However, Gorim is a one-note companion and, like, Trian sucks.

  3. Dalish Elf
    I don’t remember too much about this one, but hey, it’s neat how Witch Hunt circles back to the Eluvian that started your journey. It’s a good arc

  4. Human Noble
    Decent. You can never go wrong with Tim Curry and it does make the Landsmeet feel more personal, but your position as the Teyrn’s child makes the rest of the world feel distant.

  5. Mage
    Boring. Jowan is a nerd and I hate him. I aged five years talking to that Sloth Demon.

  6. City Elf


I went in with a team full of tanks and murdered everything and got lost a bunch, but that’s admittedly a bad way to play. So was trying (AND SUCCEEDING) to 100% the Hinterlands on my first playthrough in DA:I, but damn if that didn’t get did.

@keydemographics I’m playing through DA:I too, with the intention of finishing it for realsies this time, and playing a Vashoth lady. I started with a dwarf, but I didn’t have as clear an idea where I wanted him to go. What I plan on doing is essentially making opposite choices as much as I can (e.g. Templays for one and Mages for the other).


I just started playing Origins for my first time using a Dwarf Commoner on casual. I’m about 10 hours in so far and enjoying it.


Honestly, I think the weirdest thing about Dragon Age is how if you go to buy DA:O or DA:I today, you can buy fancy Game Of The Year™ editions that give you all the DLC and all the good, good stuff.

What’s that, you wanna know why Varric knows anything about Corypheus? You wanna know why Hawke feels guilty for the entirely of game 3? Hope you’ve got an Xbox 360 and fifteen bucks to spare, because you won’t be able to play the DLC for DA2 anywhere unless you pay separate for it.

It’s dumb! I would have signed up for EA’s access thing if it came with DA2’s DLC, and probably would’ve stayed enrolled for a while - they would have made way more money from me in the long run. But no, I gotta re-connect a credit card to my ancient Xbox 360 account just to find out that Corypheus is a loser and fighting him sucks.


The DLC sitch sucks, but at least you can now play DA2 on Xbox One. It’s even on GWG this month.


just to find out that Corypheus is a loser and fighting him sucks.

But for real, that fight in the Legacy DLC is just the most god awful garbage. Whose idea was it to put in a boss fight that incorporated constant environmental hazards, alongside a combat system that is definitely NOT designed to give you precise control over all of your party members? There’s some good story stuff in that DLC, but boy was that entire boss fight ill-conceived.


You made the right decision. If you’re playing a rogue, I have no advice for you. If you’re playing a warrior, try dual-wielding. Origins is the only game that lets you play a dual wielding warrior and it’s hella fun.

in DA:I news, I’m realizing my favorite ambient convo NPCs in Skyhold are the two women near the front of the throne room who keep arguing about theology in spite of none of them knowing much about theology and always going to Mother Giselle for advice.

Speaking of Mother Giselle, I wish you’d been able to get her elected her as Divine, b/c she’s literally the best candidate.


I really need to go finish my latest DAI run as Elf Archer romancing Solas. It’s the only time I’ve romanced eggman and I need to see it through, especially since I probably already put like 40-50 hours into the run and was just getting to the really good stuff.

It may end up being my canon run for 4 just because my PC always has to be intimately involved in EVerything (romancing Morrigan and Isabella, etc etc)

Sounds like another task to add to my list of Christmas break stuffs.


I’ve been specing for a two handed warrior which has been pretty fun so far. I should check out dual wielding more since it’s not in the later games, but I’m also planning on playing the rest of the games as a mage so I dunno


I picked Leliana because DA:I fucks with the player by giving you NO CHOICE in influencing her character. She’s gonna be a ruthless, Machiavellian politicker and there ain’t shit you can do about that, you can only choose how you react to it.

It’s hard to square with my own politics, but I ended up picking her because she seemed like she’d piss off all the right people, was fiercely loyal, and would gut half the Chantry’s clergy just to dig out the rot. She’s the only candidate that understands the Chantry’s function in Thedas from top to bottom as silo of power.

I love Cassandra, but I didn’t want a goddamn true believer in that position. The undeniable existence of supernatural elements mixed with recognisable analogues to real world institutions muddies things a lot. Like, I would ideally like an idealist Pope who puts the few honourable tenets of Catholicism above the Church. But if like God exists and shit, I’m not leaving that in the hands of some bougie socialite or a hall monitor.


There is a way to change Leliana’s character but it’s convoluted and doesn’t make sense, and it also changes how she rules as a Divine.


Oh shit! I’ve only had attempts to try and change her ways backfire on me. Anyhow, I like ruthless Leliana. It feels more honest to what she’s gone through.