Those Dragons Sure Are Ageing (Dragon Age Megathread)


Oh no, when I got to the part of choosing Leliana or Cassandra it seemed so confusing at the time. A War Table mission popped up to Support Cassandra but I didn’t get one for Leliana so I just assumed I missed something and was already locked in to Cassandra so I just did the mission… but then later on a Support Leliana mission popped up? But I assumed they were mutually exclusive so I just stuck with the Cassandra choice. But then even later it just had a dialogue choice that I guess was the actual choice? It seemed like the war table missions were just irrelevant? And then when I talked to the two of them it seemed like they both were just saying “I’m going to gut the chantry and rebuild it from the ground up!” so ended up just going with Cassandra because I thought she was cuter (a bad way to pick a Pope, admittedly). This whole process probably wasn’t helped by the fact that I was coming up on some game exhaustion where I was to the point that I just wanted to roll credits.


It really pays off in Trespasser, but yeah the last few hours of the base game aren’t great.

I guess I believed Cass when she said she’d attempt to reform the church but I didn’t think she’d get the job done. She seemed like she’d cause a schism by being so forthright and principled about everything, while I knew for a fact that the worst elements of the Chantry would be scared to even think about protesting Leliana’s reforms.

By DA:I there’s a lot of blood that needs letting in the Chantry and I could only trust Leliana to do that.


Well luckily, you can change that in Dragon Age Keep.

Real talk, can we talk about how great a decision Dragon Age Keep was? I’ve been saved so many numbing DA:I playthroughs cause I can instead just start setting up a playstate for my, what?, third jerk mage Warden and the jerk mage-quisitor that follows.

Also they have it for that there Mass Effect which I feel like no one realized.


Yeah there are a couple of dialogue trees in which you have to make the right decision, but they are spread out over roughly twenty hours of the game, so if you miss the first opportunity you can’t really go back. The order is 1. in Haven, tell her not to kill her traitor spy 2. in Skyhold, tell her that soldiers aren’t disposable 3. during her personal quest in the Chantry, tell her not to kill Natalie and after that tell her to stop torturing herself.

(If you want to read more about it, you can go here:


I just want to thank YouTube’s algorithm for thinking that since I’m a BioWare fan and an obvious (based on my viewing habits) leftist progressive and being a class of human that the “true gamers” already think shouldn’t exist, that I’d like to watch a video from some alt-right gamer bro about how Dragon Age 4 will have OVERLY PROGRESSIVE AGENDAS and is going to be shoving “wokeness” down our throats and screenshotting BioWare employee Twitter accounts to direct hate towards. What an AWESOME thing to have shoved in my face as my #1 recommendation last evening!

Sigh. On the upside, I have a great goth-y new Inquisitor that I love, so I’ve got that going for me.


I adore Leliana because she is DA’s Black Widow, but is all about Fantasy Lady Jesus, somehow more dismissive of people trying to hit on her and completely ruthless. I really want her to come back in the next game, but the end of the story line might make her more a plot driver, rather than a highly competent spy master.

I also loved playing match maker in DA:I. I want more of that in the next one, because it a different sort of fun trying to match up NPCs.


After spending more time with Sera i’ve decided she’s not actually the worst; sure i still groan every time she opens her idiot mouth, but at least she’s not a mindless ultra-cop like Vivienne, all “oh i managed to grab power despite the oppression of all other mages so clearly they weren’t trying hard enough”. blue lives matter bumpersticker having ass motherfucker.


Ya’ll clearly just can’t appreciate Viv’s sense of style #bestmage


i wouldn’t say she has style so much as she looks like she’s going to steal roughly one hundred beloved pets to make into a coat


Vivienne is such a disappointing character. Bioware makes a fucking rad, powerful black lady and then they give her the most basic cop loving pull yourself up by your bootstraps neo-liberal ass ideology and it’s infuriating and I hate it.


Okay, so what was everyone’s favorite party comp in Inquisition?

Mine was Cole, Dorian (I lied, Dorian is #bestmage) and Cassandra.

I prefer being a Reaver, btw


Tank Specced Warrior Inqisitor, Iron Bull with 2H melee DPS, Varric as ranged DPS mostly but really, any rogue would do. Same with the mages, theyre basically all interchangable.


Sera, Dorian, and Cassandra aka the Gay Squad Yes You Too Cassandra


I went with Cassandra because having an anti-mage is ESSENTIAL to me, but that’s a good reason too.


Dorian, Iron Bull, and Cassandra because they were my favorite characters, with myself as an elf archer.


I’ve been rolling with Bull, Cole and Varric, with myself as a Spirit/Ice mage + Knight Enchanter. Probably going to swap out Bull for Blackwall until he gets Devour, b/c he’s pretty squishy sometimes and Blackwall is mechanically the most durable tank (unless you play a tank and take the Champion specc).

EDIT: just realized this party comp is Cole and his two dads and his big mom.


In my last playthrough I rolled with Bull, Sera, and Vivienne just because Sera needling Viv constantly is great and Bull’s bemused fascination and slight fear of her is just hilarious. I build my DA parties for maximum friction.


Vivienne is such an ultracop that I ended up rolling around with people who were going to piss her off.

BioWare have a pretty ass-backwards approach to writing POC. Remember how Jacob (Mass Effect 2’s only prominent black character)'s loyalty mission was about his absentee dad who was keeping a private harem of his female crewmates drugged up to the eyeballs? Because I sure do.



i’m gonna have to wiki that b/c it sounds wild.


wow yikes, it’s been a while since i played ME2 and i COMPLETELY forgot about jacob’s quest. that’s not great!