Those Dragons Sure Are Ageing (Dragon Age Megathread)


And how in ME3 if you’d romanced him as FemShep in ME2, he would have… not kept in touch the 6 months you were being court-martialed and had still instead knocked up his new lover. Without so much as breaking up with you.

Greaaaat, Bioware.


now, to be fair to jacob here, his new lover was Hawke, who’s demonstrably irresistible.

(nah bioware fucked up with his character pretty much from start to finish.)


And then there’s the fact that the reason Vivienne has nice hats and a bald head is because you know Bioware wouldn’t even go near black hair.


I do think she pulls off the buzzcut, but you’re not wrong.


My partywas usually Dorian, Varric, and Cassandra, with Iron Bull mixed in as well. Those were my favorite characters, and they fit well in combat with my DPS assassin Inquisitor.


I played through DA:I on easy so I didn’t have to worry about optimizing my party. I ended up rolling with a rotating crew depending on the mission context and my mood. I highly recommend this approach to all Bioware games.


I need to do this for my next DA2 playthrough. I’ve never figured out how to build a party in that game that doesn’t need a healer, so I’m pretty much stuck with Anders in a permanent slot. Which can be… Problematic, in the late game.


I think that was a main reason they switched to having refillable health potions for healing in Inquisition, so you wouldn’t feel locked in to needing a healer at all times.


I remember being pretty disappointed with the lack of healing magic in Inquisition. A little selfishly, because its removal meant that I lost one of the ways I like to play magic/faith based characters in RPGs and the only way in Dragon Age, but I also think that the potion system is kind of bad.

DAII’s problem wasnt with healing, it was that you can only ever have two healer mages in your stable of characters, from my recollection (Hawke+Anders or Bethany+Anders) and even then Bethany and Anders can only be chosen to be in a party together for a short period of time making it super easy to fuck up and build Anders for DPS early on leaving you healer-less after Bethany leaves the party


there’s also Merrill (unless she can’t learn healing magic - I forget!) but, yeah, at the end I forgave anders because I relied heavily on his healing in combat, rather than for Story Reasons


Love the talk about Leliana and Viv here: Lel is clearly the Queen Badass of the series and I love her the most, and I agree that the direction they went with Viv was kinda disappointing. In my current playthrough I’m an elf archer romancing Solas because she’s blinded by the glare from his skull. Teammates are Dorian, Solas, Cassandra usually but I also try to mix it up a bit.

I’ve gotten distracted from this run but also I was doing the completionist thing and have managed to knock out most of the rote exploration and side questing from the early game at the point where I stopped so it’s a good time for me to jump back in and keep going. Gotta get to it.


I romanced Merrill and I forgot about her! I’m embarassed about that lol.


merrill can’t learn any healing magic–not even the basic spell that bethany gets :frowning:


You forgot about the good Torchwood Welsh Elf!? The one the fandom got pissy about because she got sidelined as the Inquisition’s elf mirror shit expert in favor of Morrigan for some reason!


tbh I probably forgot about her because I never used her as a healer and I was talking about healing in DA but yeah now that you mention it thats kind of bullshit. Elf Mirrors are Merrills whole thing! All the way back to Origins!

also im only half kidding when I say I romanced her because Marill is one of my fave pokemon.


I romanced her because I like her voice.

… Which is the same reason I romanced Solas! Godamn it, Bioware! Stop using my thing for Welsh accents against me. No more Welsh elves till you give me my dream of the Dalish Keeper played my Tom Jones that gets his own music number. And don’t you dare pretend you’re above music numbers with ya damn stupid Cullen’s scene stealing singing moment.


The use of Welsh and Irish accents for the Elves, esp the Dalish ties back into the recent discussions about BioWare’s approach to race in a weird and interesting way.

The elves are almost uniformly Caucasian and the Dalish are coded as celtic. It’s a bizarre and deliberate choice to remove any overt racism between humans, yet use a historically oppressed Western group’s dialect to signify the marginalised status of the elves and include intra-elf bigotry based on culture and physical appearance.


It’s probably better that the elves seem Irish than the bad look of Bioware’s old description of the elves as based on Native Americans, Romani, and Jews.

Also worth bringing up how weird Ferelden is a country that uses Irish names, Gaelic terminology, a bit of the mythology, overthrew their rule by another country with imperialist goals, fell into civil war, and is probably due for a Celtic Tiger sometime soon, but has everyone speaking with English accents.

That said, darn it I think the Dalish Elves are cool and I think that opinion is probably gonna get buried in the discourse.


In my current playthrough, I’m running with the crew of Varric, Dorian, and Iron Bull. Since I’m an elf knight enchanter, it means I get the benefits of two up-close people as well as two mages, but still have plenty of ranged coverage.

Also, I just love the sight of lady Lavellan rolling up with a dwarf, a qunari, and a dude from Tevinter to be like, “Hey, Orlais, ready for me to kick ass and chew bubblegum?”


Honestly, Orlais deserves to get its ass kicked so much.