Thoughts On Assassins Creed: Origins


Here are a few things that stand out to me:

The Map Covers The Entire Country Of Egypt - Now I’m not sure what scale it’s at but the devs say it covers the whole country. That’s a pretty huge map.

Ptolemaic Era Egypt - I know a few people wanted a “pure” ancient Egyptian setting but I think the Ptolemaic era has the best potential because of the culture clash between the Europeans and North Africans\Middle Easterns.

Revamped Fighting - They seemed to have went with the Bloodborne school of fighting.

Giant Snakes & Bending Arrows - Some people have complained that this isn’t realistic enough for a AC game but I think that’s crazy talk (Precursors and Pieces of Eden anyone?) but honestly the closer this series gets to Prince of Persia the happier I become.

Hella Witcher Feeling - The whole beginning of the gameplay trailer feels very Witcher. Riding through a busy town on a horse with a compass and icons feels very Witchery and not at all Ass Creed.


For some reason I get really giddy about Ancient Egypt even though I’ve never studied it so even before everything else the setting’s peaked my interest.

Sliding down the pyramids was inevitable for this game but it begs the question of how do you get up to the top of one in the first place? Unless you can only slide down a pyramid in progress then upward traversal doesn’t seem easily possible even for a parkour crazy Assassin.

I’m going to be really pissed off if the Assassins Brotherhood actually picks up the name Assassin in this game. That word has a very specific etymology that only came about in the time of and because of the AC1 Assassins and for all the other ways the games have abandoned actual history, they haven’t betrayed that fact.




As someone who’s been desperately waiting for this series to get the fuck out of and away from Europe, I couldn’t be more happy to get a game that takes place in Egypt of all places. There’s so much you can do with the setting, culture, and characters from that culture, not to mention that it’s an interesting period in history as well.


I’m hoping there’s some new hooks because what I saw so far is kind of leaving me lukewarm. it doesn’t help that I’m kind of perpetually bummed that the only time you see Egypt in media is ancient Egypt, and usually attached to some mysticism.

I’m glad that everyone isn’t white or some nonsense tho? and I hope they deliver on the period and the conflicts between the different peoples. There’s always some complicated racial politics that gets involved when you go into Egypt.

everything else didn’t seem like it did enough for me. I am interested in the new combat tho. it seems like a divergence that I can get behind, instead of it being second rate Arkham City. hope they find characters that are likeable as well.


The UI is a m e s s and I really hope they get that cleaned up before launch, because

This just looks like text a shitty F2P mobile game would put on the screen


Okay, yeah, the UI does look like it belongs on mid-era geocities.


What about it didn’t you like\what would you like to see?


I love the bright oranges and greens we see in the trailer, love a game with some colour.

As one of the people who stuck with Assassin’s Creed long enough to get into and enjoy Syndicate, I’m super excited for this new game. Happy to see another main line protagonist of colour, we haven’t had one since the third game. There appears to be shield combat and dodge sliding, which I think will freshen up the combat a bit. And I think the eagle!drone could be a welcome addition to enemy marking and eagle vision. Excited to give it a go.


I’m hopping back on with this game, I burned out by playing every game up to and including 3 within 6 months. The setting, the renovation of systems, it all looks very promising.


I haven’t enjoyed an Assassin’s Creed since the original, played it with my younger brother, this looks interesting but I hope the central narrative is more than Ancient Egpyt is a mysterious place.