Thoughts on High Guardian Spice?


So Crunchyroll, the anime streaming company, announced back in August that they will be making their own original series called “High Guardian Spice” which has created controversy among the anime community and created a debate over diversity in anime. To be honest, I haven’t read too much into it so therefore I can’t really give a proper opinion on it, but I’m curious to know what you think about the show and the discourse surrounding it.


The “”"""“discourse”""""" is that a bunch of bigots are screaming because blah blah feminism blah blah something queerphobic blah blah blah random popular conservative buzzword of the minute.

Crunchyroll has been helping produce a few anime for awhile with financial backing and have also started producing original work alongside the anime they stream (like their live action comedy series Anime Crimes Division). They decided to help make a cartoon with queer creators behind it with some queer themes.

That’s it. That is literally it.

It’s a “”"""""""“controversy”""""""""" because enough MAGA hats and anime nazis decided to make this another target on their endless crusade to run all women and queer people out of every entertainment industry ever in a vain attempt to make themselves feel like their worthless, self-hating lives have any value.


The only “discourse” I saw floating round about High Guardian Spice we’re from ComicGaters (for those not in the know, that’s exactly what you think it is based on knowing what GG was about) who continue to show the same lack of understanding of the medium (eg complaining about “everything looks the same” in the same tone used when they also utter “cultural Marxism”) you’d expect from a hate group only peripherally interested in the thing they claim to care so much about.


Hey, thanks for your great response. Also, I apologize if my question sounded like I didn’t know anything or came off as a bit offensive. I was just really curious to know what others on this site had to say on this topic especially since I don’t see a lot of progressive voices on youtube discussing their take on it. Also, this is my first time posting a topic so I’m still new to this forum and community. Hope you can understand


No offense meant, and no worries.