Thoughts on new BLAME! anime


So the BLAME! anime adaptation has gone live on Netflix and I’ve watched it and had thoughts, which I’m currently feverishly writing down for my blog. BLAME! is likely my favourite comic series, and while i enjoyed the new anime it does do a lot differently, probably with good reason. Has anyone else seen it yet?


I had no idea this was happening. Adore the manga. Nihei’s art is incredible.


I also had no idea this was a thing. I loved the manga back in the day, so I’ll have to check it out.


I haven’t watched it yet, but I wasn’t enamored with what I saw in the trailer. For me, Blame! was always about its art and atmosphere. It was a story about this strange world and the even stranger systems that govern it. Killy was just a vehicle that took us on a sightseeing tour. So I really hope they don’t just make a gritty action show out of it.


I didn’t like what I saw out of the Sidonia anime, but I’m real eager to see BLAME! It’s one of my favorite worlds. The trailer was just slow enough that I can see it being alright. Very glad this thread reminded me about it. For some reason, I thought it wasn’t coming out for a while. EDIT: Hooboy, just finished it and boy are there things I love and dislike about it. Didn’t realise it was a movie instead of a series.

The whole thing is a retelling of what’s probably my least favorite arc with the Fisherman. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and it’s probably the most memorable for a lot of reasons (Toha Heavy Industries is my favorite fake corporation name ever, the Fisherman suits are amazing, Sana-kan’s reveal and appearance is great). I just wouldn’t consider it the best arc to do an adaptation of, especially if you’re trying to cut out the good half of the arc, explain the world around you, and figure out a way to get Cibo into the story. If they focused less on telling the story of all the villagers and more on expanding the world and story, I think they could have done a lot more and stay truer to the source material.

What I love about the Blame! manga is how well they explain the world through Killy’s eyes. It does have some expository dialogue, but most of the story and feeling is told through the beautifully haunting environments. Spaces so large and empty of life that you can just feel the depressing isolation, that this was a world that was never meant to get this big and go so wrong. Killy hardly interacts with people and is mostly just a foil for the readers to see the stories of the societies he encounters along his quest. The entire manga is pretty much just a sight-seeing tour with a plot to give it some added flavor. With that said, I’ll start to go into spoiler territory about what I liked and didn’t like.

[spoiler]I really don’t like how they decided to focus almost entirely on the Fishermen. As I said, the original source just barely focused on anybody that wasn’t Killy, or later Cibo. In here, the Fishermen are propped up and if you weren’t familiar with the source material, you could be confused and think Lulu was the main character. In the manga they were kinda just there and served as a generic plot point, so I can understand if they felt like they needed to flesh them out a bit and make the audience care. They also didn’t really go nuts with the environment, mainly because they go all of 2-3 areas, and I could see exact areas where they used almost the exact shots that were in the manga.

I liked Killy and Cibo, though. The effect of the Gravitational Beam Emitter was great, the initial showing of how the Safeguards are made was great, and Sana-kan’s reveal was awesome especially since I didn’t think she’d show up.The fight between Sana-kan and Killy was pretty awesome.

I also had some nitpicky things that are minor but really wanted to vent about. Killy right away can see if people have the Net Terminal Gene or not, which pretty much ruins the build-up the manga had where you weren’t sure if he was human or not for a long time and makes his remark that he’s a human really seem flat and stupid. That part is especially irksome to me because when he “awoke” to that ability he was able to spot Sana-kan as a Safeguard masquerading as a human. They do that anime thing of over-explaining situations they already told us about or something simple we can infer (“I created the barrier so we could do our experiment in peace” “What? You created the barrier to stop the Safeguards?” “Yes, I created the barrier.”). They also only had one skitter animation for the Safeguards and one look which was really disappointing when they shoved a bunch of them on the screen. Even more so when they reveal a big ole Safeguard at the very end only to cut away without ever seeing him move. This is a case where I feel like the Synthetics would be much better villains, since they’re so varied and interesting looking. Also Sana-kan wasn’t evil looking enough.[/spoiler]

All in all I really liked it, but it could have been a lot better. Really wish they went with a normal length anime-season instead. One location and trying to shove in most of the exposition into one movie just doesn’t do it enough justice.