Thoughts on new series of Doctor Who?


So we’re three weeks into series 10 with another on the way tomorrow - What do we all think of the new series?

Personally I’m way into it - Capaldi continues to be maybe the best Doctor since the revival and Pearl Mackie’s making a great impression so far. Thought last week’s episode in particular was an absolute corker - funny, imaginative and not afraid to tackle weighty questions and themes in that uniquely Who way.


Pure 6/10 fare so far.


I fell off it during the latter parts of the Moffat era, partly due to Moffat and his icky politics. My wife has gone in on the new season and she’s said it’s “better” but not "good"
We both are fully in on Masterchef tho.


Love it! I first got into Dr. Who with Peter Capaldi and it’s been a blast the whole way through- well aside from a few duds here and there (like Sleep No More - completely awful episode).

Current series is great so far, looking forward to what happens next. Sad to hear this will be Capaldi’s last series but a good run is better than one that went on too long I suppose.


Capaldi is a fantastic Doctor and I’ve enjoyed Pearl Mackie so far. Not that thrilled with the return of Matt Lucas’ character yet (I don’t hate it, but it’s the sort of comic relief that I think hinders Doctor Who more than helps it). The first three episodes of this series have felt hollow to me in terms of plot but I’ve still enjoyed them.

Also, last series episode 11 “Heaven’s Sent” is currently my favourite Doctor Who episode ever - so I’m hopeful and positive for its future.


My disappointment with Doctor Who continues to be that they could have gone in a much darker direction with Capaldi. Perhaps thanks to the timeslot and it still inherently being a PG rated show they couldn’t. But the story arcs with Matt Smith were leading to a dark place for the Doctor and it looked like it would ramp up with the regeneration. Instead it has kind of bubbled up a few times and then dissipated again.
For myself the Capaldi era has been the weakest of the new generation that was saved by an incredible end run to Oswald as a companion.


I didn’t even realize it was out, and I’m looking at a Matt Smith era Sonic on my desk right now so that is a pretty profound statement of some sort although I don’t know what it means. it might just mean that the trailers for the Christmas special didn’t grab me so I never watched that. last season had it’s ups and downs but I really enjoyed the one with that prison castle/Resident Evil map or whatever. I am starting to feel Moffat’s excesses like I did with Davies late into his run but I am still a sucker weird conceptual stuff like that.