Thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery?


I’m a huge Star Trek fan and have been enjoying this new show. I will probably watch the new episode tomorrow.


was a pretty good episode…some references to TOS.


tone reminds me of the Dominion War on DS9.


DS9 is my favorite Star Trek show so I welcome the darker tone DIS is taking.


wish they didnt leave the DS9 finale open-ended. Wanted to know what happened to Sisko besides the EU books which may or may not be canon ( didn’t read them).


I’m liking the tone and look of the show, but there are a few things that are yet to win me over.

I’m not interested at all in the klingon-subplot so-far. I love that they actually speak Klingon amongst themselves now, but it’s all a bit slow paced compared to the rest of the show.

The cast of characters seems to be lacking… something. I want to know more about them. So far the show has been focussing too much on plot and not enough on character development for my liking but it’s early days yet.


I’ve really been enjoying the show. It’s the only show that my partner and I make time to catch as soon as it’s available to stream. I’m amazed by the artistry of the makeup, costumes, sets. Each episode must cost a fortune. I haven’t heard that the show has been picked up for another season. I hope that it finds enough of an audience to carry on.


I find the show ok so far. I just hate their version of Klingons.


As someone who’s never watched Star Trek aside from the modern movies, would Discovery be a good entry point or should I go back to one of the older shows?


Discovery is still kinda finding itself. I would start with TNG (although the first season is pretty bad). DS9 is also a great show, although context from TNG does help.


Just watched the latest episode. Not sure of the spoiler policy here so will blur a few points. Enjoyed it, even with the foregone conclusion of Sarek surviving. I’m not sure anyone wouldn’t have seen the Admiral being captured or killed at the end after going up against Lorca. I feel like a lot of die-hard fans are going to have issues with Lorca being as confrontational and seemingly deranged as he is, but it’s an interesting story to tell. Stamets seems to have gone a bit loopy too. I also wonder how fans are going to feel with holodeck technology introduced so early in the timeline?


I feel like the holodeck stuff can kind of be overlooked. It’s not like it’s Recreational, it’s purely there for training purposes, just like the dogfight thing in one of the earlier episodes. You can look at it as kind of an extension of the technology used in the Kobayashi Maru


That’s fair. It’s just a much higher level of technology than is seen in TOS. I’m fine with the changes myself, especially on things like displays etc, but I can see people who have issues with Discovery’s technology being so advanced having issues. Personally I think having set design/technology limited to that seen on TOS would limit the stories they’re trying to tell, and I can appreciate they want to keep things looking fresh.


Yeah, I had a knee jerk reaction to the spore drive for that very same reason but I am trying to shut that voice in my mind off and enjoy the ride.

Like even though I understand where the criticism would come from, it’d be weird to limit this show just because of the special effects capability of a show from the 70s.


I think the Spore Drive is interesting - gives a new element to the show they can mine for stories. The fact that the ship’s built around the technology, it’s the sole ship in the fleet that can use it, it’s impact on Stamets and the knowledge it won’t be used in the future hanging over it gives a lot of opportunity for stories to be told in it’s use and eventual failure. I just hope they can avoid Discovery being too OP in the meantime. I suppose the fact it’s one ship and could easily be overwhelmed prevents them just diving in wherever and messing up the Klingons all over the place. I agree though that it’s a huge leap in technology and it’s odd something so huge wouldn’t be referenced again as either a cautionary tale, or a stepping stone to other technologies. But then again, Trek is littered with technologies that are never explored or replicated after they’re discovered.

I think it’s very indicative of the tone that they’re going for with this show that they’ve chosen to set this series during the war with the Klingons - a spore drive in a post-Voyager era would almost certainly be used by the Federation as a means of exploration and discovery (no pun intended) within the galaxy, whereas here it’s being used for combat purposes.


I can’t tell what it’s trying to say about race.


Second season confirmed! \o/


Okay, I think I’ll start with TNG then. That was the one I’d always been most interested in but Discovery coming out caught my eye. Thanks!


Cool, actually surprised it already got a second season. I wonder if it’ll last until Tilly get’s to Captain her own ship :slight_smile:


Only thing I’ll say if you’re gonna be watching TNG - which I also very much recommend; it’s my favourite TV show! - is that, like, if you find it a struggle to get through the first two seasons, just skip ahead to season 3 and go from there. The show takes an absolutely dramatic leap in quality from season 3 onwards, and a lot of people end up never seeing any of that stuff ‘cause they burn out on the first two, which are, for the most part, just straight up bad.

Generally speaking, I recommend people watch Encounter at Farpoint, The Naked Now, Datalore, Skin of Evil, Q Who, and The Measure of a Man, then skip to season 3. That way, you’ll be introduced to all the characters, and the plot threads that’ll actually be carried through to the better seasons, while only having to sit through a minimal number of duff episodes. (Oh, and The Measure of a Man’s actually fantastic. Like, it’s possibly the only genuinely good episode in those first two seasons… But it’s also one of the best episodes of Star Trek ever made.)

Of course, if you’re enjoying yourself, just watch the lot. Equally though, try not to let yourself be put off the whole series if you’re not having a good time with the first two seasons.

EDIT: Oh, by the way, just in case anyone from the NeoGAF Discovery thread’s hanging out here now: I was Breqesk over there. Actually been on the Waypoint forums for longer than GAF, though. :sweat_smile: