Thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery?


I was surprised how much like the JJ Abrams universe this series feels, especially after the split in the license and how Paramount and CBS can’t release products within a certain time of each other. I figured they would try to differentiate the series more.

I’m mostly enjoying it so far. I like the serialized nature of the storytelling. I can understand the desire to have a more traditional Star Trek show but I do like that the show is trying to carve its own path. People have called out the show for having cynical characters but I think that makes sense for the story they are telling, for Micheal’s place in the world after the pilot episodes. And the character seems to be becoming less cynical as the show goes on and they trust Micheal more.

I have not seen the latest episode, the way the Canadian streaming license works is that the new episode is available on CraveTV on Monday at 5pm, so I’ll probably watch it this evening.


@wetflame To me, it’s more of why would you set a show pre-TOS when this is guaranteed to happen. They could just as easily set this show post-Nemesis and been fine.

Personally, as a lifelong Trekkie, I’m not really digging the show. I’m two episodes behind at this point (though I will likely catch up, just to see where it goes). They’re just moving way too quickly and trying way to hard to be edgy.

I don’t mind the serialized plot (I loved the Dominion War seasons of DS9), I just wished their characters had a little more time to breathe and behaved more like actual people who’ve been through the academy. Michael’s not quite doing for me yet (the Spock’s adopted sister thing put me off on the worst foot), though she’s far from the weakest character on the show.

Hopefully later seasons improve a ton, since that’s typically the norm for Trek.


Oh thank god. I’ve had an uneasy feeling about this shows future ever since it was announced that it would be saddled to their streaming service


i really hope the season finale has them enter a Time Cube and end up post-DS9


I don’t think a show has ever had me go so back and forth on it. The characters are growing on me a whole bunch. Even the most cliché lines and dumb moments become endearing to me. But then the show is so militaristic that I kind of loose interest when the action inevitably shows up. I get that it’s the theme but it’s the least interesting part of Trek to me. It’s a good looking show though, I’ll give it that.


The show is absolutely infested with “tell, don’t show.” It feels like half of the cast is really just there for expository dialogue and it’s been getting very frustrating. I don’t feel like I know these people. And the way that they insist on Michael being a hub is preventing dialogue between other characters. I’d like to see some substantial scenes between Lorca and Seru, for instance. We know nothing of their dynamic. Or scenes with Tilly and pretty much anyone else.

Right now, I’m pretty much watching just because it’s Star Trek (more or less) and for the very high production values.


So I thought episodes 5 and 6 were pretty strong. Vulcan mind meld and katra stuff was always pretty out there so I didn’t mind it too much last night. This most recent episode also felt like the closest we’ll get to a ‘one-off’ story.

I don’t think I’ve been able to articulate it but this feels spot on. We also haven’t seen classic Star Trek scenes like every main character talking things out in a conference room, or everyone on the bridge working a problem (actually doesn’t seem like they use the bridge set very much). This is probably a consequence of the main characters not all being senior staff, which is a fine approach but definitely feels different.

Also, this is my inaugural Waypoint post :slight_smile: I’m missing the NeoGAF Discovery thread right now, especially since one of the show’s writers would chime in with insights frequently.


Here is my manifesto on why Sylvia Tilly is the most important Star Trek and here is another copy for when you throw that in the garbage


Tilly is the only member of the cast so far that feels human and I want her to really succeed in life.

  • Captain Lorca is quite possibly a sociopath

  • Michael has the Vulcan upbringing, which makes her an interesting character but also something other than human in my mind.

  • The spore drive scientist man whose name escapes me did a crazy spore thing and I think he’s going to change a lot towards the end of the season but hey, he’s the first outwardly gay crew member in a Trek show (I think) so that’s nice.

  • The new chief of security hasn’t really done anything to distinguish him as a character yet other than being hot and good at shooting and flying. Wow…

  • Saru is a good fish boyo, but the fact that he’s at the bottom of this list means he’s really forgettable for me.

  • I really want to know about the red-head cyborg on the bridge. She was in the pilot without cybernetics if I’m not mistaken. But I don’t think I’ve seen her off the bridge.

Anyway, protect Tilly at all costs.


To be honest, the story so far hasn’t grabbed me…but I am watching based on the high production values alone. It’s a gorgeous show and it’s sci-fi, which for better or worse is enough to keep me watching it.


Yeah, you nailed it with pointing out that we never have actually seen Lorca and Seru interact alone at all, if as much. And yet, they’re supposed to be captain and first officer. I think this latest episode was the first time they had a scene alone together, for like, 5 seconds.


Hopefully that changes with Michael moving to the bridge. A lot of that still feels like them putting the pieces together to me


Definitely. The bridge has been off-limits for pretty much the whole of the time we’ve been on Discovery because Michael’s the viewpoint character, and she hasn’t been on the bridge. When she moves there we’ll start to see a lot more of the bridge crew and their interactions.


I’ve only seen the first episode and the last half of the second episode, I liked what I saw. It looks beautiful, hell it feels like it puts the old Star Trek movie budgets to shame at times. The characters are different and they are definitely putting a new take on things, not a bad idea, will it gel with everything? Probably not. Unless they make some radical changes it’s not an issue for me. I mean, Klingons go from looking as they did in TV to what they did in the first original ST movie (yes they got bumpy heads before TNG came, so many over look this appearance.) and I had long gotten tired of the warrior honor structure as seen in TNG and DS9. So I don’t mind their changes any.

The show has potential, where it goes and how far it takes that potential may be a worthwhile viewing experience.


I can see the ‘we want Captain Tilly!’ campaigns already. If Disco goes all in on time skips, it could happen. Or, if we’re really lucky, Discovery will complete its run - the standard Star Trek seven seasons - and still be doing well enough to merit a successor series, set between TOS and TNG. That’d be the perfect place for a Captain Tilly appearance, whether as THE Captain, or a Sulu-style ‘supporting character in charge of another ship’ role.

‘Fly her apart then!’


Honestly, I have never been interested in a Klingon storyline. I just don’t care for that culture. I used to groan when we’d get DS9 episodes relating to that stuff. It’s a pain that so much of this season is going to revolve around that side of things but at least they’ve changed things up and Klingons actually seem like a threat now. Should hopefully mix things up enough that some interesting storylines come from it all.


As a very casual Star Trek fan (grew up on the Next Generation and only know TOS from the movies) I’m enjoying the series a lot… guess it works better if you don’t bring a lot of lore investment and expectations into it. The themes are compelling, the stakes are clear and characters have interesting viewpoints and conflicts.

The only thing that is not working for me is the character of Burnham. The actress is great and it’s exciting to see a minority woman in the lead but she has such a ridiculous backstory and grating demeanor, it’s off-putting. Picard and Kirk are my (superficial) reference points and while they were flawed, they were aspirational and inspirational heroes most of the time. Several episodes of Burnham being needlessly dickish is starting to wear thin - she does clever and daring things, yes, but it’s hard to root for her when everybody around her is more likeable or at least more invested than her.

Hopefully it’s an arc to leads to a a better place but it’s a weird way of bringing your audience along.


From the last scene this week I get the feeling that she’s starting to defrost a little, I’m hoping that she warms up more going forward.


Burnham rules and y’all are haters, imo.


Yeah Burnham is the best and I can’t wait for her to loosen up and Go Off as time goes on