Thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery?


I still have some reservations about how they’re handling the Klingons, I feel like they are behaving without honour. I realize that’s a recurring theme with Klingons, that they are not always so honorable as the pretend, but usually there is somebody to comment on it. The Starfleet officers aren’t always living up to their best principles on Discovery either but I feel like the show is ready to examine that conflict. I’m worried the Klingons will end up as flat villains.
Still, the promo for the next episode looks like some extremely Star Trek Business and at the end of the day I’m enjoying it and it’s more Star Trek so that’s a win.


I’m really enjoying it so far, it’s actually sparked my interest in the entire series and I’ve started watching TNG on Netlfix.

I was a bit too young when TNG was on TV, I watched a lot of it because my parents liked it but it went over my head. It’s way hornier than I remember :joy:


TNG gets better after season 2. The first couple of seasons were a bit of a mess.

I’m really enjoying Discovery so far. The episodic nature of the the show reminds me of DS9 Dominion War stuff or season 3 of Enterprise. I’m glad Discovery got picked up for another season.


Discovery seems a bit messy to me at the moment (first 2 episodes and half way through 3 so far).

I do feel like the first 2 episodes could have been placed later on in the season (maybe just before the Season finale) after Burnham’s characterisation has been a little more developed - as it is, Burnham stature amongst everyone else seems unwarranted and Mary-Sue-ish - if Ep 3 came first it could have at least been framed a little differently for the audience.

Also, Sarek using the force… :laughing:


Well, they’ve definitely done something unconventional in that they didn’t finish introducing all the main cast until episode 5. Like, usually in a story about an ensemble of some kind (in this case a ship’s crew) with one POV (in this case Michael), the story throws them all together pretty much immediately. And part of how we get character development is by watching them all interact with each other.

In Discovery, we’re only introduced to Saru and Michael in the first episode. We see Stamets, Tilly and Lorca in the third episode. And we’re finally introduced to Ash Tyler all the way in the 5th episode - and we only see Ash interact with Lorca in the 5th episode. It takes until the 6th for him to start interacting with everyone else.

Now everyone’s finally onboard Discovery, hopefully we’ll get a bit more character development.


I’m two episodes behind, but mostly loving it… though not without some ethical reservations. I really like the cast and the main character arc, but I’m super bummed that after 50 years of the show, they still can’t get away from essentialist racial tropes. Even less excusable is the rampant Orientalism of this version of the Klingons.


I really want to like the show but there are many things that just feel off. I am by no means a star trek expert though.
The production value is absolutely amazing, the use of coulour and general design is mostly beautiful and it all looks great. But at the same time every episode feels rushed and the writing is extremely amateurish.

I couldn’t help but shout at how stupid the Landry’s death was. It had to happened for the plot to advance but the whole scene was ridiculous and Landry’s actions were incredibly stupid. This is is just one example amongst others. I sometimes feel the writing is on par with some of the worst Saturday morning cartoons from back in the days. A damn shame as there are very solid foundations to build something I would really enjoy. But so far nothing feels earned and I am struggling to feel anything for any of the characters. Everything moves too fast: Lorka is captured, he frees himself, now he is back on the ship and I am supposed to believe he might be suffering from PTSD after being “tortured” when it looked more like a two hour detour he took to find a new crew member.


Lethe was a great episode. Feels like the show’s settled, somewhat?
Stamets is constantly high on tardigrade DNA now or something?


I couldn’t tell if that was a spore high or if he had always been like that and they just sort of hadn’t demonstrated it very well up to now


it was specifically commented on, so, I’m p sure the former - they didn’t dwell on it because that’s not this episode’s thing, but I’m certain it will come up later


So far the show has definitely gotten better with each episode, so I’m still optimistic. Particularly I enjoyed that the last episode felt more like a traditional stand-alone episode. I hope that they do more of that, and that they start fleshing out the non-Burnham characters a bit.

I’m still not super into the new Klingons but I’ll probably get over it.

Their Bat’leths look super dumb though.

I might be wrong, but I seem to remember that the PTSD-stuff was about having to destroy his previous ship rather than the brief Klingon capture.


I’ve never watched Star Trek before. I haven’t even seen the modern movies. So I was surprised that it now has become the series I look forward to the most every week.


You’re right, the main bulk of the Admiral’s worries are due to that “incident” but she also tell him something along the lines of “you’ve been tortured few days ago and therefore you shouldn’t be back in the Captain chair already”. The whole Klingon abduction was so quickly brushed over that I did not feel it would have been an issue. The comment didn’t feel earned which is mainly due to bad direction and writing. The whole thing could have had a lot more impact without really using more screen time I believe.


I’m not sure why writing a character who does something stupid is necessarily stupid writing. Sometimes people, particularly people under pressure and trying to show off, do stupid things.

Captain Lorca is a strong, maverick leader with something of a ‘just do it’ attitude to his crew and not much patience. I can see why that might inspire some people to take gung-ho risks in an attempt to both emulate that attitude and to prove themselves to the captain. It’s harder for people to insist on taking the time to come up with good solutions, or even to tell the captain that he can’t have what he wants.

So, yes, Landry did a stupid thing. Is that a problem with the show? Not really.


It’s just that it seemed out of character, and was just there as a convenient way to advance the plot. I saw it as bad writing as it looked like they knew where they wanted to go with the tardigrade and Michael but didn’t have the time or the means to arrive there logically. This is why I see it as bad writing and not just a bad decision by a fleshed out character.
Landry saw first hand the damage Riper did to the Klingons and saw that her weapon was absolutely ineffective against it. She is a trained soldier,opening the protective field and hoping that her use of the same weapon would have a different outcome seemed just… plain nonsensical to put it mildly.
It’s not the end of the world but little shortcuts like that have been bumming out as I really want to love the show.


Episode 7: loved it

I love time loop episodes. So much. Doing a time loop episode from the point of view of someone other than the person looping? Was amazing. Hitting the tropes of him knowing what she’s going to say because he’s heard it over and over, getting frustrated with trying to convince people to believe him for the dozenth time, etc. We’ve seen time loop episodes before, we understand his frustration/exhaustion.
This episode was a lot of fun, for me.
(also I know the answer is ‘don’t worry about it’ but I can’t imagine a creature that big that lives in the vacuum of space would do well with all that gravity, right?)


Yep loved this episode too. Full of tropes, but in a good way. Actual character development. And it finally felt like Star Trek.

Tilly remains best girl.


Yeah, I also thought they managed to handle doing a time loop episode really well. But the resolution of the episode felt pretty hand wavy and it’s still pretty weird to hear contemporary music in this series. I still really enjoyed it though.


I’ve really bounced off of it pretty hard, and I honestly can’t put my finger on why. Most of the characters really don’t do it for me (is it just me or do most of them just seem like jerks who would never would have made it into Star Fleet in the first place?) and the Abrams-style art direction is really not for me. The character gets a lot of needless bullshit from douchebags online, but Michael being Spock’s previously unheard of adopted sister is pretty lame in my opinion and reeks of trying too hard to make the character ‘cool’. Let the character stand on their own merits.

But I’ve enjoyed some parts of the show and have certainly kept watching other shows that I’ve liked less. Maybe it’s because I was expecting it to be too much like the Star Trek I grew up watching? I dunno. Part of me wonders if I would like the show more if it was just a new sci-fi show that had nothing to do with Star Trek.

Saru is pretty good, though. How Doug Jones can perform so well under that much make up is very impressive. It really shows how much of a specialized skill that is when contrasted with some of the lacklustre performances from many of the actors playing Klingons (not saying that they aren’t good actors, just that it’s difficult to properly convey emotion when under that much make up and prosthetics, and it’s clear that many weren’t used to it).

I’m not going to write it off, but I’ll probably be waiting to hear “Hey, it’s really good now!” from a bunch of people before I jump back in.


I have watched the first four episodes now. Really disliked the first two, very much enjoyed the next two as the characters evolved a bit more. So I am firmly on the fence currently.