Thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery?


I really liked the latest episode, and the last couple actually because it acts as a sort of refutation of this idea being put around that the series is kind of one note, that it’s like a boringly gritty reboot of Star Trek.

The more episodes that pass, the more that I think that it was a conscious decision to play with that expectation, and then gradually start to infect the episodes with the Very Star Trek kind of hopefulness we’ve come to expect from the series. Slightly more spoilery territory:

The first clue was probably Mudd a few episodes ago, whose performance felt out of step with the other characters at the time, certainly a nod to the original series character so had to be boldly played, but even so seemed like an odd choice given the sorts of characters we’d been given so far.

But it planted the seed in our minds that this show could get quite silly if it wanted to be, and lo and behold this week the same character returns and we’re treated with what seems like a fairly self-contained, kinda wacky time loop episode which feels right at home.

It’s a neat trick, because it’s shown us that it can do serious and grim, but now it’s also shown us that it can do silly and fun, and so in the space of just a few episodes has really broadened the palette of what we might be able to expect from the show.


I’ve been generally very happy with Discovery - it’s felt like Trek to me from the get-go. It’s obviously different in a lot of details, but I don’t think that wobbly sets and the big end-of-episode-reset-button were ever the core of Trek’s character in the past, they were just the way TV was done at the time. Discovery is still the same Star Trek at heart, but made the way TV is made now.


Not a huge fan of Star Trek, I have never really given it a chance, apart from the movies. Keep meaning to go through Max Tempkin’s best episode list. I’m mostly enjoying the new series with some misgivings. I think it looks fantastic and I already like most of the characters a great deal.

  • Feels too much about War. Where’s the actual star trekking and philosophising? The ship is called Discovery. Does Star Trek really need to be as gory as Discovery, do people on Star Trek have to swear and curse?
  • Think main character Burnham is a bit too perfect. Part human/part vulcan - so she’s already got the best of two worlds and I already think Saru is doing the whole indifferent alien schtick thing. The rest of the crew don’t trust her because of the mutiny, but from our perspective, she was doing everything she could do to avert war. Literally every decision she makes is right. Is she even capable of making a mistake?
  • Really like Hello to Jason Isaacs as the captain, he has the swashbuckling devil may care attitude of Kirk with a darker military edge.
  • It took me an episode to realise that the guy who plays Tyler is the same actor who did Clem Fandango in Toast of London. When it twigged I was so very excited, because Toast of London is one of the best comedy shows to come out of the UK in recent years.


Really loved the last episode. It’s just the kind of weird I want from Trek. It feels good to know that the show is capable of doing that stuff too and it’s a nice comfort going forward. Also it was cool that we got to see a Starfleet party. I can’t remember seeing that before.


The TNG cast were too nerdy to party, they just went LARPing in the holodeck.


Michael has that line about fraternization being inappropriate given her rank which is kind of just an excuse she is using but it does occur to me that Star Trek is usually always about the senior staff so it makes sense that all we ever see are the kind of corny work dos and diplomatic functions. probably the ensigns were throwing all the Keggers in like, 11-Forward or whatever.



i’m excited

it’s a shame mirror!discovery is in the regular universe because that’s gonna make it tricky for most people to interact with their sexy evil mirror!selves - I’m sure at least SOME people will (burnham,
almost certainly, maybe lorca, and I doubt mirror!saru is on mirror!discovery…) - I’m excited to see/hear about mirror!tilly causing havoc back home, regardless


I’m just jumping to the end of this discussion because I’m not reading 80+ posts.

Big Trek nerd here. I’m not sure what the consensus was, but I did not care much for the first half of this season of Disco. Though it being the first season of a Trek show, I can forgive it. TNH and DS9 didn’t have the strongest starts.

That said, the last episode was flippin’ fantastic. I’m trying not to let my unabashed love of Jonathan Frakes cloud my judgement, but I do feel like he’s got a pretty great fantastic style. Many of my favorite TNG episodes were directed by him, my favorite Trek movie was directed by him, and now my favorite episode of Disco is directed by him!

I really love how they mixed stuff up for the start of the rest of the season. It feels like a really exciting direction to take and I’m 100% in now.


I feel like I’m in opposite-land. The latest episode didn’t really land for me (not to say the entire opening run was great but I’d say I’ve been more excited after watching at least half the previous episodes so this one felt solidly mid-pack). It was fine, but most friends I’ve chatted with really really enjoyed it (beyond just it being fan-servicey). I was there for the cliffhanger and, possibly because the gap built it up, the resolution just couldn’t live up to my dreams of what it could have been. Really hope this is a direction and not just a small diversion from planet-of-the-week stuff.

Also I’m going to be really annoyed if they killed off the character that it’s implied they just have and this doesn’t end up with finding out that his mirror is actually fine (somehow?) or some other contrivance because really, that would be a pretty shitty move to bury-your-gays half way into the first season.


I’m p sure the actor is still in the show after this point, so, mirror at least, yeah

and honestly, i know this is a personal thing for me and I totally totally get complaints/fears but: I was mostly kind of expecting them to just Be A Couple while the straight characters actually get romantic plotlines, which I HATE, so


You should lie about this in the future, or at least omit it. It’s such a bummer.

It lands somewhere between saying you think your time and thoughts are worth more than everybody else’s, and saying nothing being said by anybody matters. Which sucks.

Because it’s either “hey, I don’t need to read anything, but here’s some thoughts that are worth writing because other people should read them,” or it’s “hey, I’m not reading this, and I doubt anybody else will read this, because who would read a forum lol.”

Where, even if it’s true of what you’re saying/doing, if you don’t say it, your post reads a lot like any other in the thread, of someone offering their thoughts on a shared interest. Like… a forum.


I hadn’t thought about that before. I apologize and didn’t mean it to come off like that, but can see how it could. I certainly wouldn’t really appreciate feeling dismissed.


Spoilers for future episodes but they came out and made some announcements about this, don’t read if you don’t want hints for where this plot is going:

On After Trek right afterwards they came out and said “hey, we know about this being a bad trope, so don’t worry, we have plans.” I am 100% convinced that Stamets is going to bring him back with the power of mushrooms and love and it’s going to be very sweet. I’m glad they said something because yeah it’s not the best plot device but one of the showrunners is gay and has said there are multiple LGBT writers on staff, and obviously both actors are queer; Wilson Cruz has been a GLAAD spokesperson in the past. This seems like a very thoughtful team and with everything they’ve said I’m willing them to give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re going to do right by Trek’s first gay couple.


I’m so happy they’re in the dumb mirror universe. It’s super schlocky and I love it.


Yo…season 2 episode 2 was like actually pretty good and I now feel super entusiastic for the rest of the season?


Season 2 is definitely off to a strong start. Hopefully they can keep it up for the rest of the season but I think they found their footing in the latter half of season 1.


i got the cbs all access seven day trial to check this out last week and i literally couldn’t bring myself to watch beyond the second episode. kind of surprised to see so many positive responses to it here. it felt extremely un-star trek to me. so dark in tone and color, so edgy. so much about war and struggle. shoot the klingons first, ask questions later! says sarek. really? this ship has a dark secret, and we’re renegades! eh… and am i supposed to be actually rooting for this main character who out of nowhere, after apparently seven years of good service on her ship, decides to attack her captain and mutiny? i was sad when it became apparent that she wouldn’t be in star trek jail for the rest of her life.

it felt in some ways to me like the JJ Trek films (which i mostly love); a bit heavier in tone, and with a pretty cool looking aesthetic, but missing the main aspect which made the JJ films fun for me: HUMOR! which pleasantly lightens those movies up a bit, and makes the edge much easier for me to swallow. i got the impression that the first season at least would be about some war with the klingons and/or the dark and brooding secrets of the discovery and it’s crew. brood brood brood. it didn’t seem to be a show about discovery, and i couldn’t stand the main character, so i dropped it, cancelled my seven day trial, goodbye. i was quite sad that a new trek after so long left me feeling so frustrated and empty.

to me star trek (the tv shows) are so different from most of what is now considered to be top notch television. they aren’t dark, they aren’t brooding, they aren’t depressing, they don’t revel in violence and war. they aren’t game of thrones. these first two episodes felt to me like star trek forced into the “modern prestige TV (which i happen to hate)” formula. ah well. i can continue to watch my old trek episodes forever.

please don’t murder me with a jagged klingon blade. :sweat:


This is all very fair and to be honest, whatever I’ve said in general in this thread, my in person recommendation has generally amounted to ‘the time loop episode is So Good Though’. I mean they managed to futz up (latter half s1) the mirror universe, which was a massive disappointment tbh.

But yeah you’re not wrong! It does seem like season two is maybe leaning a bit more ‘Trekky’. new captain almost looked directly at the camera when he said they’d have more fun now.


We almost tapped out after episode, uh, 3 or 4 I think for the same reasons, but there were enough good snippets and the show really did find itself. The payoff for why it’s so dark on that particular ship, and the way the season feels like it’s about how the federation got from that point to the point where something like the TOS and TNG crews could eventually exist is pretty cool.

It wasn’t the way they went, but due to how the first couple of episodes worked people speculated that what we were watching was the mirror universe the whole time. :smiley:


Jett Reno is basically a Friends at the Table NPC - tho I can’t decide if the name’s more COUNTER/Weight or Twilight Mirage?? - and I’m very much here for it.