Thoughts On The New Spider-Man Trailer?

Looks pretty great to me.


I love the hell out of it. Love the art style, love the choice of music (I hope there’s more awesome contemporary Hip-Hop in the movie proper, I think the sound goes really well with the superhero genre), love that they’re going with Miles as the protag, love that they’re doing a Spider-Verse movie.

Can’t wait.

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I really like the art style and color choices, but the face design and somewhat choppiness of the animation got a bit rough in places. I’m still pretty excited for it though. Side note, the animation kind of reminds me of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie that I loved so much.

Same directors :slight_smile:

They’re also the dudes who did 21 & 22 Jump Street, The Lego Movie and got fired from the Han Solo movie.

Based on IMDB, I think the directors of Cloudy, 21 & 22 Jump Street, and the LEGO Movie are just writing/producing for Spider-Verse. The directors have done a bunch of animation for DreamWorks and other stuff but haven’t directed as much.

You’re absolutely right, they are producing and apparently co-wrote the screenplay too, but not directing, so it’s not entirely their movie.

But given that it’s being referred to in so many places as “Lord and Miller’s animated Spider-Man movie” I’m guessing their influence will be felt.

The energetic and flailing animation is kind of Sony Animation Pictures’ whole style, you can see it in their other movies as well. I think it’s really fitting for Spider-Man, and I love what they’re doing with the visuals. I never expected to see a big budget animated Spider-Man movie with this style.

This is the first time in a long time I’ve been excited for a movie, looks so rad.

It looks really good and I hope to god it shares nothing with the actual Spider-Verse comic event beyond the concept of Spider people from different universes hanging out. I didn’t actually read it, but every page and panel I saw from that thing was just people getting brutally murdered for shock value and it was just really gross and hateful.

Also I really hope we get some good MC2 and 2099 representation in it. I want Miguel O’Hara to hang out with MC2 May and Peter so bad.

I like the part where Miles mantles the taxi and bounces off the other one goes to the beat of the music. I hope they do more stuff like that.

That’s been super prominent in action/super hero movie trailers lately, but it’s pretty hit or miss whether or not it makes it into the actual movie. It really depends on what kind of music they decide to have in it.

(I liked the comic Spider-Verse, but, much like Age of Ultron and Civil War I don’t expect this to have much more than a superficial similarity to it)

so, I saw some gifs of this on tumblr (because this is how I discover all new things, now, apparently) but actually watching the video I really like the way the animation flows. it feels like a very specific style, and, okay hear me out: different realities could have different animation styles. Miles’ energetic present day as compared to Miguel’s overbearing 2099 as compared to May’s steampunk victoriana as compared to Peter’s* '30s noir.
That would rule, in my opinion.

*(okay there’s a lot of Spiders-Men called Peter, obvs I mean Spider-Man Noir here)

Vince Staples is the dude for inspirational trailer music right now. This looks cool as hell, despite being connected to the Spider-verse.

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I really, really like this trailer. I’m not the biggest fan of the Spider-Verse comic, but the concept is rock solid. I hope it takes inspiration from the rad characters and moments and less from the actual plot (interdimensional vampires that hate spider-men? what? why?). I would love to see an animated version of the Anarchic Spider-Man story

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Yeah this looks incredibly rad. A shame risky stuff like this will probably stop existing if Disney’s Marvel branch ever gets full control of the Spider-Man brand.

Also as far as I’m concerned, Phil Lord and Chris Miller can do no wrong and I’m always on board for whatever they’re doing.

Alex Hirsch is writing for this too, I think. And I did love Gravity Falls.

I hope they do right by Miles tbh. Like his comics were really hit or miss for me after a certain point, and I 100% do not appreciate how they gave some of the characters specific to his story to Peter for Homecoming.

Alex Hirsch worked on the story, but doesn’t seem to be involved with the screenplay. Also, iirc Phil Lord and Chris Miller both used to be credited for working on the screenplay, but seems like that’s been changed to just Phil Lord now. Though Chris Miller did work on the story, and both are producers on the movie.

My thoughts in full.

yo OK they absolute do murder a bunch of minor spiders (one of them kills Marvel vs Capcom spiderman) but the rest of that comic id ridiculous team ups, fan service and plenty of gags. I swear they tried to cram EVERY version of spiderman in there and made up tons of new ones. AND it gave us Spider-Gwen