THQ Nordic attempt white-washing Humble Bundle after AMA on wretched hive 8chan

That’s cute.

Oh wait. They evidently own the rights to some of my most loved classic games.

I’ve long suspected HB of being staffed by closet gamergaters, they’ve put out some dubious bundles in the past, so this partnership is majorly sus considering the timing. I don’t give HB a cut at all when I have a choice. Lots of creepy anime waifu dating bundles + that sexist ‘mens’ bundle’ that featured books about business etc., which I hear women are allowed to do these days.

I know there’s a THQ thread already, but I feel this deserves its’ own thread, because I think HB also has radicalized right individuals on staff, and has for years. And to let people buying on Steam know exactly what THQ actually owns (it’s easy to miss publisher names on Steam).

Posted this in the original THQ thread but I’ll repost it here: as soon as I got this email from Humble I sent this note to their customer service:

You should be aware that I (as well as others that I have discussed this with) don’t feel comfortable purchasing any games published by THQ Nordic until they issue a full apology and explanation for their horrifying decision to do an AMA on 8chan two weeks ago and publicly lay out steps for making sure nothing like it ever happens again. Tacitly endorsing a website repeatedly linked with fascism, targeted harassment and child pornography is absolutely unacceptable and frankly I am disappointed that Humble would run this deal so soon in the wake of this incident.

And just got this reply from them

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. We wouldn’t be Humble without honesty.

I definitely understand where you’re coming from, and your feedback in regards to this THQ Nordic BYOB is extremely valuable. While I cannot comment on the specifics of this sale (likely agreed upon before the issue arose), I’ll be sure to raise your concerns with the rest of my team as they are completely valid. We will be sure to consider your feedback in regards to this issue when making future decisions for sales similar to this. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to take applicable action, but we appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.

Please feel free to share your feelings with us anytime.


Remember: IGN bought Humble.


IMO, That is a really complex reply. It is typically corporate (in that it acknowledges the validity of the complaint and promises nothing), but lets slip a few things your typical CS note wouldn’t (that this sale was probably scheduled and paid for before the incident), and that the humble team might be beholden to other interests (cough IGN cough) and not have the power to change :(.


I can only speak from my own prior experience in marketing and book publishing, but, as you note, this deal was likely arranged well before the AMA. A sale like this is not something put together in a week or two (it has only been a week or two, right?). Similarly, these things are sometimes as hard to undo as they are to put together so some folks at HB may feel like their hands are tied by larger corporate powers.

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If only everyone who felt their hands were tied just… cut themselves free and did the right thing


I mean yes that would be cool but that also ignores the realities of like life in general? Like how many HB employees you think can literally afford to say “this situation is fucked and I won’t stand for it”? As was touched upon in a recent Waypoints episode, how many folks distributed by THQ Nordic do you think can honestly do that?

I think a lot of people are probably caught in a very tough spot between “doing the right thing” as you put it and simply being able to live a life. I mean, not to get too basic but this is really just one of the many comprises we all make under a capitalist regime.


Not many. I’d never recommend anyone who wasn’t financially situated or protected in some way do anything that could ruin their life.

But it’s cathartic to think about it. For me at least.


As someone currently working in customer service, this does read as a CS person who has not actually been given a standard script to send out and instead is writing based on an outlined response from managament (i.e. make points X, Y, and Z), which gives them scope to put a little more… personality into it.


As I stated in the other thread, Humble has run numerous bundles with Stardock in spite of (and well after) its CEO openly supported GamerGate, countersued a sexual harassment accuser into silence, etc. Not sure why Humble deserves the benefit of the doubt on this one.

They’ll partner with THQ Nordic again, just like I’m sure there will be another Stardock Humble Bundle this year.

(edit: Humble launched the Strategy 2019 bundle literally today and three Stardock products are in it)

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You can’t spell International Gamergate Network without IGN.

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I got an email detailing their latest strategy bundle, including Homeworld, but it’s not appearing for me on the actual bundle page, anyone else?

Loads fine for me, but there’s no Homeworld in this bundle. You sure that’s the right one?

100%, it’s right there in the email, others are reporting the same thing. Very odd and disappointing.

I wish stardock wasn’t run by people like brad wardell because i used to really like sins of a solar empire.

Yiiiiikes, yeah no man, I can read, and spot a logo. The email that was sent out lists Homeworld Remastered as being in the bundle… it was the same icon image as you’d see on Steam.

But TIL Humble Bundle can alter the contents of emails already sent out, which is sketchy AF, because the contents of the same email are ‘correct’ now. Using HTML trickery to swap out info in sent emails is really shady. Should’ve screengrabbed.

While this would fit the narrative you’re going for nicely, I am 99% positive there isn’t a way to alter or edit the contents of a sent email. Google and Outlook will let a sender recall an email but under pretty limited circumstances. Outlook does let a sender “replace” an email sent but I think that is only if the recipient is also using Outlook and hasn’t read the original message.

OK dude, gonna ask you to keep your snide sneering to yourself, I don’t want to hear it. People on Reddit have reported the same thing I have. And like I said, I saw the exact thumbnail they use on steam; upside-down wings logo and everything. It was 100% a thumbnail for Homeworld Remastered.

While I’ve never actually considering it before, if the email contains a div that is written to pull data from their servers upon opening, instead of having it’s own implicit code, it sounds theoretically possible (coming from a front-end background so I’m not sure).

Don’t think ajax is allowed in emails, but if it’s an image from some server you can just change the image.

Definitely wasn’t trying to go for a snide or sneering tone, just pointing out that your analysis may be off.