THQ Nordic Held Q&A on a Website Banned for Suspected Child Pornography

The headline is true, despite how incredulous it sounds. THQ Nordic, a publisher largely known the past few years as the company who announces the acquisition of the rights to a new video game every few days, hosted a Q&A today on 8chan, the same 8chan that’s been involved in incidents regarding child pornography, swatting, GamerGate, and more. It has since apologized for the decision, citing ignorance over 8chan, but it remains indefensible.

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(Content note: thread is likely to contain discussion of child pornography. -robowitch)

Big oof.

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Ask them anything? Too bad I can’t ask them what the fuck they’re doing without an 8chan account.


yeah, probably for the best

You can also DM a mod to do it.

e: I was beaten to it by Terranova and will let their title stand.


Looking at what Patrick is posting, the alien sex worker quote specifically, this HAS to be a hack right?

I mean, you would like to think right. I’m sure its going to be blamed on a hack regardless of the motive. I’m just baffled. Like they wanted to associate themselves with people who are too garbage for 4chan. 4CHAN! They literally are blacklisted by google for thier assosiations with child pornography. Like this is an instant no thank you, forever, for me.

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Apparently it’s not a hacked account, but someone with very bad judgement/an insatiable desire to jump into a pile of garbage:

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So, is this guy fired today, tomorrow, or what?

Let’s start placing bets, because he obviously lied to whoever his higher up is to get permission to do this.


I know I’m preaching to the choir here but this is so beyond the pale untenably bad.

Seriously, what the actual fucking piss? What, in the name of all that is holy, were they thinking? I am agog that this is real.

At my previous job, I spoke to and worked with one of the guys who is posting in that thread now. This is absolutely sickening.

I can’t imagine Nickelodeon’s PR departments will be happy to hear what the publisher they’ve partnered with is up to.

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Well, this sucks. My first thought that this was a horribly misguided attempt to drum up sales, but going by their twitter likes and posts the fact is they know what they’re doing here. They think they’re “ownling the libs” or whatever, but in fact they’re just showing everyone what awful human beings they are and very quickly they’re going to be wishing they didn’t.

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Here is a list of games to avoid.


As Austin mentioned:

I know of a few people at my last studio who would never stand by this kind of thing. Once headlines start rolling out about this, I imagine at least a few developers are going to pull out from their publishing deals with THQN (or start losing employees who rightfully don’t want to be associated with this).

update on this:

Sounds like they got some sternly-worded emails from business partners.


whoooooooooooooooo fuckin’ boy

not knowing every corner of Our Terrible Internet is forgivable but not doing a little basic research about any platform that you’re going to use or endorse damn sure isn’t


The PR person in question was making some pretty goddamn disgusting posts on the AMA thread in question, if the screencaps people have been taking are any indication.

This is a totally phony apology.



Holy shit, did they get their blue checkmark taken away?

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its only tuesday and i already cant fucking deal with this shit