THQ Nordic Held Q&A on a Website Banned for Suspected Child Pornography


Yeah, it’s straight up looking like it’s gonna come out to be a grand total of nothing happening. Like even that Brock guy that the other two blamed everything on isn’t even looking like he is gonna be fired. What a fucking depressing sentiment.




This is like death by a thousand cuts but the cuts don’t cut through because the subject is a fascist rock.


Well, hopefully, eventually, one of these cuts will be from Zantetsuken and the fascist rock will die.


They can’t even bribe people properly… I’m amazed there’s no repercussions at all.


THQ Nordic’s parent company, THQ Nordic, issued the expected apology:


Seems like an appropriate response, though I’m surprised these PR guys still have jobs.

A fuck up this monumental should include those three never working in games again.

Edit - I should just say, ‘appropriate’ doesn’t mean good.


With nothing happening this barely feels like an “appropriate response” to me.


Yeah, that’s a swing and a miss for me Lars, how you can act like this was an act of incompetence and not malice and not fire the supposedly incompetent people is frankly inconcievable to me.


Hey everyone! It got worse!

They probably do want to fire the guy BUT THEY LITERALLY CAN’T!


oh ok so probably throw the whole corporation in the trash and get a new one. fuck


That’s one way to have job security I suppose.


My small and hopefully amusing contribution via satire: Brock Nobel Peace Prize


I am pretty sure this isn’t true. The only majority shareholder is the founder, Lars. Reinhard, one of the participants, has a significant share in the company, but far from a majority (~1%). Brock is not on the shareholder list at all. Here is the source:

It sounds like the dude who made this assertion conflated the CEO who wrote the statement with one of the three participants in the Q&A.


I’d bet anything one of the reasons they tried it at all was because they saw THQ Nordic get away with this with exactly 0 consequences


The mod team would like any further discussion of other brands messing up to be discussed in another thread. What THQ Nordic did, both in initial action and subsequent pr statements, is bad enough and serious enough that it deserves its own thread.


Really disappointed to just get an email from the Humble Store promoting a “Build your own THQ Nordic bundle” and felt compelled to reply with this message:

You should be aware that I (as well as others that I have discussed this with) don’t feel comfortable purchasing any games published by THQ Nordic until they issue a full apology and explanation for their horrifying decision to do an AMA on 8chan two weeks ago and publicly lay out steps for making sure nothing like it ever happens again. Tacitly endorsing a website repeatedly linked with fascism, targeted harassment and child pornography is absolutely unacceptable and frankly I am disappointed that Humble would run this deal so soon in the wake of this incident.

I also linked to Patrick’s two articles. I’m sure it’s a tiny drop in the bucket and won’t accomplish anything but I couldn’t let it go without saying anything.


Just received this reply. Take from this what you will…

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. We wouldn’t be Humble without honesty.

I definitely understand where you’re coming from, and your feedback in regards to this THQ Nordic BYOB is extremely valuable. While I cannot comment on the specifics of this sale (likely agreed upon before the issue arose), I’ll be sure to raise your concerns with the rest of my team as they are completely valid. We will be sure to consider your feedback in regards to this issue when making future decisions for sales similar to this. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to take applicable action, but we appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.

Please feel free to share your feelings with us anytime.


Humble continues to do business with Stardock, partnering with them for multiple bundles now, so don’t expect this to go anywhere.

This whole industry is trash.


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