THQ Nordic Held Q&A on a Website Banned for Suspected Child Pornography


What the fuck did I wake up to


I mean, shit, i reported their tweet.


lmao no of course Twitter didn’t take their blue check away within half an hour of doing an AMA on 8ch. Presumably they never had one - not all #brands do


I could have sworn they had one…



Can’t wait to see them put up a stronger united front than ArenaNet :roll_eyes:


FYI, if anybody needs me I will be emitting one continous “OOF” sound for the next seventeen minutes.


My jaw is on the floor but I wish I could say this is unbelievable :expressionless:


Each and every day we get a new glimpse at the depravity of man.

They don’t have anything coming out that I am interested in, but if they ever do, I don’t know how I could ever consider giving them money.



Exactly, if it’s a forum you have no knowledge of do a quick google go look at the controversies tab on wikipedia. Hell if there’s even a controversies tab maybe there’s an issue.


Well I just got out of a 2 hour work meeting, I see videogames are having a normal one out here.


How does this make sense even from a business standpoint? Pandering to a shrinking group of malcontents - half of whom are probably pirating games, anyway.


Sooooo…they’re just straight up lying about not knowing what they were doing, right?


my guess is that the PR guy in question is a channer-fuckhead and thought it would be cool and their bosses weren’t paying attention


The denizens of 8chan will get the message no matter what apologies or firings follow this.

It goes something to the tune of “we like you, we’re like you. We only have to apologize to appease the SJWs.”

They never even need to appeal to 8chan publicly ever again. 8chan will know in it’s heart of hearts where they think THQN’s heart lies.


I was just looking at buying Darksiders. Good thing I checked Twitter arbitrarily (not a sentence I ever thought I would say). This is disgusting and I’m glad to see coverage taking it seriously.


“After careful consideration we have decided to pull our exclusive product reveal from stormfront dot org we were unfamiliar with their content and ethos and vow to not let this happen again”


you, uhhhhh, might want to remove the link in that


The person in question appears to be the PR director, that’s about as high up the chain as you get without being a C-level or on the board.