THQ Nordic Held Q&A on a Website Banned for Suspected Child Pornography


I literally passed the point of no return for getting a refund for a purchase of a THQNordic game just before hearing about this. And with them going on this buying spree more and more of my long-ago bought library is off limits to playing without feeling dirty about it.

The lesson is obvious. Never buy any games, and if you do, never install or play them.


How this was not immediately shut down as just A Bad Idea regardless of the rep’s own views is beyond me; or is it just the “Everyone secretly agrees with my terrible views” mindset driving that decision?

I don’t know how they (as in the rest of the company) are gonna dig themselves out of this one, the apology is shallow in and of itself had it not been for the damning posts by the THQ rep nullifying it.
And as SpaceTwinks pointed out on twitter:

Also I wasn’t aware till now but THQ recently acquired the Kingdom Come: Deliverance developers so I guess there’s that…


The lack of awareness (or repeated blatant pandering to bigots et al) is staggering.


Well, that’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.


THQ Nordic is distributing the console version of Pillars of Eternity II for Obsidian and Generation Zero for Avalanche. As to not punish devs who had no part in this, pressuring those two studios to rethink their association with THQ Nordic would be the best way to make THQ Nordic sweat this.


Oh whoops, looks like the mods beat me to editing my own post anyway


Yo THQN bought the Kingdom Come developer after their game got big because they stuck to being big time GG-guys.

Either they know exactly what they’re doing, or they don’t ask questions they don’t want answers to. The latter is enough to condemn them, and I hope this buries them in the long run.


But hey, shoutout to Mark, am I right?


Was going to get the remaster of sphinx and the cursed mummy (nostalgia) but thought I’d look to see if it was, ya know, racist but I guess I don’t have to anymore.


Yeah but that doesn’t stop them from being a channer-fuckhead, it just removes layers of supervision


Could someone please explain the shoutout to Mark stuff? That’s the one thing about all of this I can’t really understand.


Well, I will not be buying any THQ Nordic games in the future, unless they show that they’ve done a serious house cleaning.


It’s just in reference to the original tweets from Nordic, who gave a “shoutout to Mark”, someone who presumably was helping weed through the most garbage-y posts…or someone who invited them to do it??

Either way, I do hope it becomes shorthand for “time to show my entire ass on the internet”.


Damnit. It’s always something with game companies. It seemed like THQ Nordic were doing so well with a "let’s celebrate B-tier gaming’ approach. Pow, all that grudging respect: gone.


I wonder if companies have these “we’re sorry we accidentally supported racism and pedophilia” apologies ready to post just in case now or if somebody has to write them on the fly.



Mark is the admin of 8chans /v/ board.


Nordic got norted


you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.


oh my lord the link is still up