THQ Nordic Held Q&A on a Website Banned for Suspected Child Pornography


“When asked for comment, THQ CEO Lars Wingefors said the PR and marketing manager at THQ Nordic GmbH had already commented on it through Twitter”

Uh it’s safe to say that the entire company is rotted


Everybody knows that the best business strategy for a game publisher is to ingratiate yourself with a message board that’s the EVEN WORSE version of the message board notorious for piracy


I didn’t know that.


I read it in Forbes, think it was an Erik Kain piece


I think it’s more like the CEO is about to go on a firing spree. That’s the sort of thing you say when you just REALLY don’t want to say anything and you’re making sure you aren’t getting the blunt of the blame.

Granted, this is mostly based on CEOs just not caring in general unless something upsets the shareholders, and this might cause a bit of a stir for awhile if the stunt doesn’t go as planned (aka latching onto controversy for brand recognition, it kind of backfires when the controversy is child porn).


welp! i read the whole thing. Reinhard, the dude who claims no responsibility in Patrick’s piece, was far and away the most enthusiastic of the three participants (Fabian, Philipp, and Reinhard).

Fabian appears the most unsettled, posting the “this is fine” meme at one point - though, when asked why they are doing this on 8chan, he responds “I have no fucking idea. [The admin] Mark seems like a nice guy though.”

Philipp dips pretty early (relative to the length of the whole thing, which appears to have lasted 90 minutes at most). There are literally hundreds of posts, and maybe 20 of them are from the THQ accounts. Besides the “this is fine” post, at no other point do they directly or indirectly acknowledge any of the virulent shit that makes up 98% of the two threads across which this AMA took place.

At worst, (as cited in Patrick’s write-up), early on an anon congratulates them on not kowtowing (a word oft-repeated by anons in this AMA, and rarely spelled right) to SJWs and that they are doing great in general, to which Philipp responds, “Thanks! we’ll try to stay that way.” Second-worst goes to Reinhard, for responding to a post that demanded “GUYS BEHAVE”, which used an image of a knight with a homophobic slur in its caption. He says, “That [image] could be from one of our upcoming games…” acknowledging the image’s contents but happily only commenting on the ‘good’ part :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My gamer-chair read is that Fabian legit didn’t know what he was getting into, Philipp did but quickly began to regret it, and Reinhard had a great time!

As an aside, there is a strange repeated sentiment from the anons that 8channers buy games, and ResetEra/Twitter users do not. Some went as far as to post receipts from purchases they purport to have just made in support of THQ Nordic. It’s a rallying cry: ResetEra doesn’t buy games, they just complain about them, but we BUY games. They also start warning them about games press, which they say the gamer community hates and laughs at, and warns THQN not to talk to them (citing Patrick specifically a few times). It’s all very…brainwashy. Just repeat it until some sucker believes it. You know, the usual chan shit


I find this hilarious because even if it successfully was brainwashy and got through to THQ Nordic, it’s not like a CEO is going to look at that and think Wow! Thank God there’s a huge number of gamers who don’t buy our games, will definitely word hard to keep it that way.


Yo, this whole thing is clearly a complete and utter mess and I can’t articulate that any better than anyone else above me has but …

It is WILD that the original tweet and the initial follow up including the mind melting lines “we have no idea why” and “shoutout to Mark.”


Philipp an hour later


Shannon (Head of Global Publishing in MS) has seen this, apparently


Oh shit, mom’s home


I think this has finally broken me. I’m officially capital C cynical. After a couple hours the shock wore off and all I could think was yeah, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Not that I’m normalizing it or anything (because holy shit is it wild that a multi-million dollar company would choose to hang out on a website who’s audience is the Venn diagram overlap of pedophiles and nazis) but I’m not surprised that the stars eventually aligned so that enough people in the chain of command signed off and actually did the damn thing.

There were so many red flags and opportunities to cancel this mess and no one involved said no. Even if you want to give them benefit of the doubt and believe that they didn’t know what they were getting into they still stuck around and finished the AMA. At no point did someone say “Every single person here is a monster. Fuck this I’m out.” Only afterwards did Reinhard try to say he didn’t do his “proper due diligence to understand the history and the controversy of the site”. There’s no excuse to make believe that they weren’t at least partially receptive to 8chan’s ideology.


The replies to this tweet are a fucking nightmare.


The CEO has to fire them at this point, even if the PR guy is telling the truth and it was simply a matter of due dilligenze. At that point we’re talking a bout a PR exec who has shown such blatantly harmful levels of professional standards regarding the specific area he’s supposed to be an expert in that from a purely professional standpoint you can’t keep him there, AND THAT’S NOT EVEN GETTING INTO THE IDEOLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS.

Some heads are gonna roll after this. If they don’t then at least there can be no questioning where THQN stand.


I’m no expert but I feel like I remember 8chan being created because Moot started deleting gg topics on 4chan. The thing about insisting that they do buy games is because, from what I remember, gg was big into piracy. Somehow, we still live in 2013.


You’re remembering correctly. 8chan is for those who were too extreme for 4chan and got shown the door. Kind of like when Al-Qaeda took a look at ISIS and said “Those fuckers are crazy”.


They are so fucked. Various non gaming outlets are even picking this story up and it was trending on Twitter. This was such a hilariously terrible decision I still can’t believe it. Did they really think it wouldn’t blow up the way it did? Did they expect more support from a certain group of people to counteract it?


Looks like they’ve deleted the tweet with the link. Must have done it recently; I remember seeing it still up about an hour or two ago.


they’re last twitter like hasn’t been deleted though. Those fucking fools.


The fact that “mark” was supposed to get rid of the “scary” stuff per their agreement completely perforates the notion that they didn’t what was up on that fucking garbage site. They knew exactly what kind of people they were talking to, they just either thought they weren’t going to get caught or they simply didn’t care.

I can’t imagine a world where Those two dumbasses keep their jobs because this is as close to actual, full-on, scorched earth brand self destruction I have ever seen in this fucking Industry. Like, how do you move forward with Those same people Stauning at their jobs?