THQ Nordic Held Q&A on a Website Banned for Suspected Child Pornography


Yeah, I don’t believe for a second that no one involved knew what they were doing. At best this is a move to flirt with GamerGaters, racists and pedophiles for some sales, at worst the company is aligned with them. And the former isn’t much (if any) better than the latter.

Absolutely disgusting.

(On a sidenote, I wasn’t surprised to see the The Last Night GamerGate developer crawl out on Twitter to accuse people of overreacting to this, nor to learn that THQN picked up the Kingdom Come developers)


Me thinks the head of a failing game studio is trying to drum up financial support from the only people who don’t find his politics vile.


Don’t really have much to contribute, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Waypoint’s article super close to the top (hopefully it doesn’t invite bad actors here :grimacing:, but I know the mods do a very good job)

Sidenote: for an extra dose of irony


Gotta admire the absolute brain geniuses there accusing Shannon of “Trying to get rid of the competition” when THQ Nordic has a physical distribution deal for a number of Microsoft Studios games on PC (Most recently the port of Sunset Overdrive).


Toilets are always a weird comparison, they’re very helpful facilities that drain into what I’d sooner compare 8chan and the like to, a sewer.


Even sewers have a useful purpose. 8chan is a cancer. I say this as someone who, during the height of GamerGate, was tasked with monitoring the 8chan board baphomet to warn folks if they were doxxed there. I was subjected to some incredibly horrendous gore and porn, often both in the same image. This whole debacle has brought back memories I had hoped to keep buried.

Fuck everyone who took part in this. Fuck every element of the games industry who looks at those who participated in GamerGate and say “we can do business with that”.


Sewers and toilets are misunderstood miracles of civilization that make things like cities possible and I will not have them slandered by being compared to 8ch.

real talk: one of the sewage treatment plants in my town does tours. I really wanna go, I bet it’s fascinating.


As an Environmental Engineer specializing in water treatment I just want to say that I love this. And, yes, sewage treatment is fascinating!

On topic: Fuck THQ Nordic and their weak ass apology.


sewers are gross but we take them for granted, life would be a lot worse without them. I would never want to go into one, but it’s nice that all that poop is cordoned off and kept away from our daily lives.

unlike poop, society doesn’t need to have channers


Of course, I was just thinking of the toilet’s next closely related pool of filth.
You’re all right though, the sewage system and all infrastructures in daily life have some uses we often take for granted where the people we’re discussing certainly don’t.


They are! I visited the two treatment plants in Memphis and you’d be surprised by how much is done by microorganisms and gentle filtration.

On topic: This is a fucking trainwreck. Either the leadership at THQNordic is aware of what they’re doing or they’re not actively overseeing their marketing arm. Either of these are worthy of burning the entire C-suite down.


Now this thread is about a much more wholesome topic: how awesome sewers are and how misunderstood they are


Have toured a small town treatment plant. Was the cleanest, most high tech thing I’d ever seen as a teenager. It’s a weird thing to say, but it affected me. Gave me a respect for human capability that I’m not sure I had at the time. I also kinda got this halo around tap water to the point I once got into a serious argument about drinking water with an ex.

So yeah, sewer and water: unsung heroes.


I hope the provided answer to that question is “No. THQ is dead. THQ Nordic is a company that bought its corpse and is walking around wearing its skin.”

All hail and rest in peace, the one and only true Toy Headquarters.


That’s awesome and I’m glad the facility was kept clean, but in my experience the ones that give tours are the cleanest precisely because they know the public is coming through and nobody wants to think of their water treatment plant as unclean. That said, I’ve never seen one, public or private, that I thought was too dirty. Even the aging ones (I have been in some over 100 years old) tend to be well maintained. Out of curiosity, was it a sewage or drinking water plant?

Also, on the subject of tap water…I personally have a filtration pitcher with a simple activated carbon filter (same as a Brita, but a generic brand). The vast majority of U.S. drinking water plants treat the water with activated carbon already while also disinfecting with chlorine dosing. Basically, I think of the home filter as a backup for removing residual chlorine and further treatment just in case the plant’s carbon is getting spent (i.e. full of impurities to the point it needs to be changed out). That said, ain’t nothing wrong with straight up tap water and I will still drink it if I don’t feel like waiting for the filter/at someone else’s house/etc.

Some people go so far as to install home reverse osmosis systems to remove fluoride but that…is another thing entirely…


It’s super confusing but there’s even two (2) THQ Nordics: THQ Nordic GMBH is a subsidiary of THQ Nordic AB.

they get poopoo and peepee and stuff in one side and they put drinkable water out on the other side and that’s incredible and I want to see it in action


It’s been a long time since I was a teenager, but I think it was a drinking water plant. Public, since this was Canada. I remember them talking a lot about how many parts per million of this and that were permissible of this and that in drinking water. The challenge where I grew up is that a) the drinking water came from a natural body of water, and b) thanks to capitalism industry hadn’t been super responsible with that particular body of water. Thank you world for super honest civil servants :slight_smile: So there was a lot going on to make sure we could drink the stuff.

Some people go so far as to install home reverse osmosis systems to remove fluoride but that…is another thing entirely…

Public fluoridation of drinking water is one of the greatest and most positive things civilization has ever done. This hurts me.


Drinking water is such a basic function, I believe you should be free to do it with anyone, even an ex~


Peng, I think there’s a real intimacy to drinking water with someone. It involves lips and fluids in a way that crosses boundries. You might as well give them a foot massage.


Saw Patrick tweet that THQ Nordic has not given an official response as a company, beyond that BS non-apology from the PR guy yesterday. (Also, the biz dev guy throwing the PR guy under the bus, even though he seems to have also participated.) Which I guess means they and their partners are going to just pretend it never happened, and hope everyone forgets after a day or two?

Given that two of those partners are Nickelodeon and Microsoft, that’s not a great look.