THQ Nordic Held Q&A on a Website Banned for Suspected Child Pornography


Same company that acquired the Kingdom Come: Deliverance devs. That’s a big no from me from now on.


Buried in the updates on this article is this bit:

When asked for comment, THQ CEO Lars Wingefors said the PR and marketing manager at THQ Nordic GmbH had already commented on it through Twitter.

That sounds a lot like “there will be no real consequences” to me.


That is… that is unbelievable to me. That is as direct of an indictment on THQN’s policies and target audience as you can possibly get. I can’t imagine this not biting them in the ass in terms of studios and console publishers, etc.

Either Wingefors is a completely oblivious to the implications of what just happened or he just doesn’t give a shit. Either way it is an awful look for the CEO as well as the company as a whole and I am washing my hands of this. not gonna touch anything THQ published in the foreseable future until they fire the implicated parties and at this point that has to at least tangentially include the CEO.

What a fucking mess.


To everyone here sincerely believing that THQ Nordic will see some sort of consequence for this:

Stardock, a company whose CEO openly supported GamerGate (on top of a lot of other issues) continues to publish successful games.

Kingdom Come Deliverance, made by open GG supporters who were also openly racist, has seen critical and commercial success.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, also made by open GG supporters, was nominated for an IGF awards.

Zak S was given awards at IndieCade when his history of abuse and harassment was widely known.

This industry does not deliver consequences to to the people and companies who support horrendous groups. At best, it has no effect. At worst, it rewards them.


ethan carter is by GG supporters? i never heard about that. thanks for taking it off my playlist.

the medium profile of a member of the ethan carter team, which is full of pro-GamerGate polemic


I just groaned out of my existence:

46%20PM :


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I won’t link it, because I don’t know how people feel about them, but the FunHaus guys referenced Waypoint’s article on THQ Nordic in their recent Inisde Gaming video.

While problematic, I’ll give them props for mentioning this PR disaster in the same context as CDPR’s terrible transphobic tweets. Jim Sterling did this as well, and I’m glad people are roping all these dumb ass PR bungles into the same stories.


I think the Jim Sterling one is especially useful because he points something out I think a lot of us overlooked: The big problem here isn’t just with potential customers, but between and within businesses. The person in charge of Microsoft Studios publishing branch openly questioned why they still had a link to the child pornography site up, and there’s already a ton of pissed off devs working within or alongside THQNordic.

The potential ramifications are different this time. It’s not the company may lose sales, it’s that the company may lose employees and business contracts. The reason the CEO might be so hush hush right now is because they’re actually putting thought into how they don’t piss off the shareholders or business partners while trying to spin this or at least downplay how bad it really was.


I can see how with all the business factors at stake that the CEO wants to take a cautious approach, I mean this is such an extreme case we’re talking about, although I find it curious the way the initial responses from company-wide representatives came off were tepidly dismissive instead of doing what IGN did with their plagiarist and shut it tight for investigation and shortly after delivered a swift justice.

For reasons @Hache laid out it’s hard to believe any sort of karma will come back on them. It’s demoralising when, and not even including the state of current worldwide politics, people can do untold harm and just slink away as the next barrage of news steam-roll the last, emerging months later when the mainstream press have forgotten and silently finding more success.


I saw comments on another forum saying “this is really bad, but progressive people shouldn’t compare this to Jessica Price getting fired, because she was really toxic too”.

Gamers, you’ve gotta get your priorities in order.


Imran Khan putting in work on this follow-up:

Also, Coffee Stain Studios posted this:

The picture there is accurate (you can confirm this by going on the investor site and scanning the press releases), but missing the bit where Koch Media bought the Kingdom Come devs last year.

At this point, my assumption is that THQ Nordic’s partners know this happened, and don’t care because it would be a giant mess to break contracts. Given that one of those partners is Nickelodeon … that’s a terrible look. Anyway: video games!


Yeah, it’s straight up looking like it’s gonna come out to be a grand total of nothing happening. Like even that Brock guy that the other two blamed everything on isn’t even looking like he is gonna be fired. What a fucking depressing sentiment.




This is like death by a thousand cuts but the cuts don’t cut through because the subject is a fascist rock.


Well, hopefully, eventually, one of these cuts will be from Zantetsuken and the fascist rock will die.


They can’t even bribe people properly… I’m amazed there’s no repercussions at all.


THQ Nordic’s parent company, THQ Nordic, issued the expected apology:


Seems like an appropriate response, though I’m surprised these PR guys still have jobs.

A fuck up this monumental should include those three never working in games again.

Edit - I should just say, ‘appropriate’ doesn’t mean good.


With nothing happening this barely feels like an “appropriate response” to me.