THQ Nordic's 'Apology' Over 8chan Incident Isn't Worthy of Forgiveness

It’s been nearly a week since THQ Nordic, a publisher with the resources to know better, engaged with a public Q&A on 8chan, an online board best known for credible allegations of hosting child pornography. Hours later, the company issued a frantic apology, but in the days since, THQ Nordic has been quiet. The company has not, according to multiple sources who asked to remaining anonymous out of fear of reprisal, addressed the matter internally.

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What do the United Nations SDGs and Global Reporting Initiative’s standards—the former a “blueprint” towards an equitable society with an emphasis on respecting the planet, the latter a way for businesses and government to better assessing their impact on the wider world, including climate change—have to do with THQ Nordic’s 8chan misstep?

Holy shit.

They actually just threw those two UN namedrops in there and didn’t even think people were gonna check up what they actually are?

Man, Fuck THQ


I find it incredibly troubling how the typical anti-SJW posters are responding to this. It seems like a lot of them are jumping to the defense without ANY context. Kotaku/Polygon/Waypoint brought a controversy to attention, so ‘WHY IS EVERYONE SO OFFENDED ALL THE TIME.’ It’s like they don’t even care about the subject matter of the controversy, they only care about loot boxes or whatever and sticking it to them liberals.

I knew this at heart, that their ‘values’ were just for show. It just feels gross to see it so blatently.

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The moment GG went on the defense for the gross dude at Polygon, they kinda lost the last delusional vestiges of any supposed form of values. They were actively defending a member of the media who had grossly overstepped his ethical and professional boundaries and they didn’t give a shit.

They just want blood in the water.


Would it be more or less troubling to assume that a lot of those posters jumped to THQ’s defense because they’re also regulars on skeezy imageboards? 8chan gained much of its notoriety when it became a major gamergate hub after 4chan kicked them out, so the crowd who post angry comments about SJW journalists ruining video games naturally has a large portion of active 8chan users.


I’m always shocked by the number of people on Facebook who defend this shit though. The number of users on 8chan couldn’t possibly reflect the number of people I see defending garbage on Facebook.

I think it’s just people ready to defend any garbage that makes ‘sjws’ upset.